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  1. I saw this, and thought it was quite special.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me how much raw talent our SASS pards possess!
  3. Ooh... Is it available in Hoppe's Solvent number 9?
  4. Something is wrong with this coffee table... click on photo to "play"... w5uCyqu.mp4
  5. Heck, that works! Who's going to look in the fridge for valuables?
  6. Click on the photo to "play"... tANZEz5.mp4
  7. Click on the photo to "play"... SwA0bNh.mp4
  8. That's just it Wallaby, do ya follow the great big one or all of the little ones?
  9. Only those who have been through this would actually find this hilarious!
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