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  1. Are home haircuts looking better? No, your standards have lowered!
  2. Apparently she loves more than cops...
  3. Okay, now we REALLY need pictures!
  4. Oh, I have so many comments right now but my lip is bleeding from biting it so hard, ... don't really want to get kicked off The Wire!
  5. They were actually a sponsor for the season 3 premier last night.
  6. If you are going stretch a fur hat with a hat jack, be sure to apply plenty of steam. Also, be aware that the leather sweat band WILL NOT stretch much along with the fut hat, so expect the the sweat band to get boogered up.
  7. Similar sign to those above, that I saw in a shop this weekend in Metamora Indiana.
  8. Facebook? What's that? Never had it, don't miss it? Do I need it?
  9. Drover, at this point, it looks like they are not shooting yet at PVR. Best thing to do is to keep an eye on the web site HERE. Jose' does a very good job of keeping their web site up to date.
  10. Seriously? Good thing I don't get HBO! Don't those idiots at HBO realize that bugs Bunny never gets shot?
  11. Allie Mo and Pat Riot probably think THIS is a great idea!
  12. Ooh! I didn't even know that existed! I may have to check that out!
  13. Can't wait! What a great modern western! "You are the trailer park, I am the tornado" - Beth Dutton Best bad ass chick on TV!
  14. Huh... never thought of the Lent angle, but I really have no desire to even try one.
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