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  1. Nope, that would be more like a snack!
  2. it's not that tough to get into reloading your own, and will save you some gold dust in the long run. Just sayin...
  3. "See, Honey, I really tried to sell it, but no one was interested. I guess I will just have to keep it."
  4. Honey, I tried to sell it, but no one wanted it!
  5. You guys are killing me, now I crave donuts!
  6. WOW! Incredible technology! Very cool indeed!
  7. Impressive!...Very impressive!
  8. Round balls? Just pure lead, round balls in a box. No lube.
  9. Most Chromebooks include USB ports and an SD or microSD card slot that you can use to expand storage.
  10. Note to self: " DON'T PISS OFF A RHINO! "
  11. He used to advertise in the chronicle, but I haven't seen an ad in several years. I have a feeling he might have retired.
  12. No, Pat, he is looking for the guy who use to sell ones like the one on the front of my gun cart.
  13. Well, at least you gave it your best shot!
  14. What could I do that would be really, really impractical and stupid?
  15. A little different rendition that what we may be use to...
  16. And I toasted youSaid "honey, we may be through"But you'll never hear me complain
  17. The first thing to come to mind...
  18. John Bell tried to rob Latino Cellular, but an employee at the store refused to open the register and walked out along with the customers — and then locked the door, trapping Bell inside, the video shows. Store employee Katrina Leon kept a cool head when Bell ordered her to open the cash register and calmly told him, "No," the video shows. “As soon as he entered and he just pointed the gun at at me, and I knew instantly I’m getting robbed again, but this time I didn’t open the cash register,” Leon told ABC News. “ I just locked him in, because when you lock the door outside, from the inside you can’t open it, so I knew he wasn’t going to be able to open it.” The windows and door had bars on them, essentially caging Bell with no means of egress. Bell attempted to get out by pumping four shots at the door’s lock, which withstood the barrage. After slamming himself against the door in an apparent attempt to force it open, Bell resorted to prayer in the hope of getting away, Houston police said Wednesday on their YouTube channel. "Please! Please! Please!" Bell pleaded, hands clasped and dropping to his knees. "I'm sorry, please! Help, please!” Bell’s prayers went unanswered, and police arrived shortly after and arrested him without incident.
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