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  1. He is using money the Federal Government gave the State of Ohio to use towards fighting Covid-19. He is trying to incentivize everyone in Ohio to get vaccinated. I'm a Buckeye. I have had my two shots. I would gladly take the million.
  2. Is that even physically possible?
  3. Perhaps you should post a simple checklist on the inside of the door you go through to get to the car...
  4. I was seriously curious about it (slow day at the office), so I Googled it! Scientists now may actually know the answer to that question HERE.
  5. And then you have idiots in Yellowstone who think they can walk up to one and pet it!
  6. Ahh... instead of cookies! I get it!
  7. Really? I bet there were at least four people in that crowd with a larger pistol.
  8. Can't go wrong with a Ruger... https://ruger.com/products/wrangler/models.html https://ruger.com/products/newModelSingleSixConvertible/models.html
  9. Did you swipe those out of UB's garden?
  10. Kinda hard NOT to notice the missing finger!
  11. Stretch a piece of your wife's old pantyhose over your thumb and then twist an open case against it, and you will catch every single split, every time. It'll even catch the tiny ones that you can't catch with a visual inspection. I do this after I take my cases out of the tumbler, and have not had a problem at a match with a split case in years.
  12. Here is that same photo with everyone identified.
  13. You are certainly blessed to be able to just step outside your backdoor and do that!
  14. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Yes, please!
  15. No, around these parts, that's called "Hillbilly Ingenuity".
  16. Nice, Rye. You may not intend on "using" it, but do you have grandkids?
  17. Okay, okay, okay... I have a 500 round brick I can let you have for $125.00 .
  18. I believe what you describe is actually referred to as PAM. Moose Milk is typically 25% Ballistol and 75% water.
  19. So, after much internal debating with myself, I decided to order conversion cylinders from Taylors & Co. for my Remington New Model Army Percussion Pistols. Since they represent a significant investment, I was on the lookout for some sort of a storage devise to store and protect them when they were not installed in the pistols. I finally came across a very nice, ZIPPERED LEATHER POUCH on Amazon for only $15.00! Adding a 2" piece of foam, the cylinders are a perfect fit, keeping the backer plates and cylinders together and well protected.
  20. Thought some of you might enjoy watching this...
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