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  1. And to get it really interesting: After you have sanded, wetted the wood and raised the hairs for final sanding, you need to get some ArmorAll along with the TruOil. Spray the stock lightly with ArmorAll. Tip the bottle of TruOil to wet down the tips of the three middle fingers and rub on the TruOil lightly. The TruOil should "harden"/ "dry" up quickly. Continue until you have done the stock and fore end. After you get through, you should be able to start with another coat.

    Like a lot of other things in the world, we make startling discoveries. And yes, it works. The '73 in the picture was refinished using the method described. And I have done others.


    No, I did not discover it. I did discover this article. First, for those who don't read the whole article:)


    "Armor All (yes, the kind you use on tires and your dashboard) will cause Tru oil to harden almost immediately and bond to the coat beneath it. I would spray into my hand and rub the whole stock down with just the film on my hands. It does, however, dull the finish just slightly so don't do this for final finsh. It helped for the wiping on/off phase to get the nice translucence."



  2. The dollars were all over the place. No way you could have used them to rank the movies. For instance:


    #75 - Blackthorn

    Smart Rating: 80.65
    Release Year: 2011
    Inflation-Adjusted U.S. Box Office Earnings: $210,357


    #79 - Quigley Down Under

    Smart Rating: 80.18
    Release Year: 1990
    Inflation-Adjusted U.S. Box Office Earnings: $36,426,200


    Quigley next to last!!??? Balderdash!!!!

  3. A properly constructed holster for SASS competition needs some tweaking from the common straight hang single ply holster. It needs to be necessarily stiff, constructed and molded to allow the shooter replace the gun in the holster quite often on the move. It needs a slight bit of retention for running but not enough to impede the draw.

    A speed rig for a Senior (used to be one) and practiced with endlessly will fill the bill for the other categories mentioned. If possible, pick out a shooter/leather crafter that can talk nuts and bolts.

  4. "A revenge Western film set in the 1890s, where a man arrives in a small town seeking vengeance for his murdered friend."


    Ethan Hawke and John Travolta

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