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  1. If B of A is selling us out, then ...............................................................
  2. Bank of America Sells Out Gun & Ammo Purchasers as Potential Criminals (ammoland.com)
  3. oooopppsss!!! NRA files for banckruptcy By Raylan, Friday at 05:17 PM in SASS Wire Saloon Reply to this topic Start new topic
  4. No one has posted the NRA done filed for BR?
  5. Shirts, Vests and a pair of pants, all in good condition. Size and price are indicated in each picture, shipping is $5.00 per item. PayPal preferred (hefrench@bellsouth.net) but checks accepted. Red Cent's PC is not working at the moment. If you have any questions please email my wife at dlfrench@bellsouth.net NOTICE: #24 SOLD #25 SOLD #27 SOLD #28 SOLD #30 SOLD #31 SOLD #36 SOLD
  6. Slowhand, it seems that I have also incurred the wrath of Father Time. More accurately, God's plan. The latest iteration of a speed rig offers great access to the revolver, enough retention, and a hole big enough that you cannot miss when re-holstering. What more could a buckle aspiring cowboy want?
  7. I have one of Lee Shaver's economy vernier sights on a Marlin 336. Works very well.
  8. Howdy Harold, 

    Thank you for the photos. It’s what I’m looking for, and if you will share the shipping cost 50/50 I’ll take it.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Thanks Harold


      Brad Hall

      7495 Arucauna Coourt

      San Diego, Ca. 92129

    3. Red Cent

      Red Cent

      Brad, UPS wants approximately $200.00 to package and ship including insurance. That would be $600.00 for the machine and $100.00 for half the shipping. Anything over $200.00 I will pay. I do not want to do paypal because of the fees. If you want to do the deal, send me a money order for the $700.00 and I will take it to UPS immediately. Please let me know.




    4. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Howdy Harold, 


      That's more than I expected. I will continue to be patient in hopes of finding one locally, or a new one on sale.

      Maybe you will sell it to someone local. Thanks for your efforts to make this deal work.

      I wish you better health in the new year.



  9. Howdy Red Cent, 


    How old? Does it have  Metal EZ-Seal Top Plate? What bushings and accessories go with It?  could you send a photo to buckgarret@gmail.com

    Do you have and idea as to shipping costs? 

    1. Red Cent

      Red Cent



      Buck, I have sent photos to others. I am waiting for responses. If I do not have a response from anyone by Sunday at, say, 5:00pm, I will accept your offer. 

    2. Buck Garrett
  10. "At 45 Colt velocities, unless you have a fitment problem (too small a diameter) or a rough, irregular bore, you shouldn't have any leading with dead soft, pure lead projectiles." What Griff said. You can drive a soft lead bullet too fast and you can drive a very hard bullet too slow. Either will cause leading. http://cowboybullets.com/ Read the home page.
  11. Because of back surgery (and a lot of difficulty before surgery), I cannot run and gun. So I got interested in "long range" rifle. I had purchased a Marlin 336CB 38-55 years ago and decided to start to work. I started loading in 1963. I have a couple of rifles that I load for and thought "ain't no big deal". Well let me tell you, you ain't never run into a really confusing situation. My point. I am very thankful for all the responses from Marlinowners., Levergunscoundrels, and a number of forums who spoon fed me on the slippery 38-55. I also want to thank Lee Shaver for taking t
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