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  1. 15 grain by volume 3F with 80 gram EPP-UG bullet (Big Lube) One year shooting our annual match in frontiersman - I was the only clean shooter - this club loves knockdowns and shotgun - 10 10 8+
  2. I have been using a Pelican 1750 with Kaizen foam inserts. 15 years of flighting, only one latch has broken. Pelican replaced for free. In Connecticut, Kaizen foam can be bought from Kaizen Source, Wallingford CT. 833-452-4936. You can bring your guns in and they will custom cut the foam.
  3. found this - article said data came from Hodgdon
  4. Roy you just don’t get out enough. Some PMs will ask shoot in order or when ready. Most of the time when ready wins.
  5. yes can be bent cold - i have done two without issue. Didn't even have to remove lever from the gun - use padded pliers.
  6. One hand scoops up the pistol, transferring it to the other.
  7. Ammo for the Coming at Cha match finally left the homestead. What a chore. First you need a FedEx account, navigate through the 3 different versions of their shipping software to create a label; wait most of the day until Fedex pickup arrives at your house. One of the biggest learning experiences is the FedEx Shipping Manager application has a statement that you are not shipping any undeclared Dangerous Goods. (Ammo under 50 caliper and less than 60 pounds falls under Limited Quantity – Dangerous Goods.) However, there isn’t a selection on the web application to allow you to declare Dangerous Goods. FedEx has a section to identify shipping dry ice and batteries but not Dangerous Goods. Turns out that correctly marking your package with the Limited Quantity label is your declaration that you are shipping Dangerous Goods. That tidbit only took a 2 hour phone call connecting to 3 different agents to learn. Also, the FedEx web site may indicate that select locations will accept Dangerous Goods – you can only ship ammo (Limited Quantity – Dangerous Goods) via a home pickup.
  8. Buy a Pedersoli Davide, knockout pin and use upper body. Or, buy a carbine sight and have it mounted.
  9. Been loading the 147s for over 10 years, length between 1.56 to 1.57. Using the same powder load as the 105s for the pistol. Still have plenty of TrailBoss - 3.2g. Tried Titegroup at 3.4g little heavier then TB, not noticeable during a match.
  10. I filled out my application on the 15th @ 7:08pm Eastern, shooter 202.
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