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  1. The penalty is to the other shooters. One TO - 6 shots 6 down ( prop failure or hits doesn’t matter) Next shooter Second TO - 4 shots 4 down, 2 shots one down (first a miss or failed to knock target down); 6th target down due to prop failure. TO - fire one more, for the KD that fell due to prop failure.
  2. Who would have guess this topic would be so difficult to settle. Probably why the ROC has not response since the original OP back in June. New Scenario (Original OP was 6 SG w/1 target down while engaging other 5) 4 SG any order 4+ shots #1 hits dirt in from of target #1 #2 hits top of #1 target fails to fall #3 hits #1 target and falls #4 hits second target and falls while shooting first two targets, # 3 & #4 fall on there own. is shooter done?
  3. Has anyone done actually testing on various loads and calibers? 32, 32-20, 38 short colt, 38 long colt?
  4. Coming all the way from Connecticut.
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