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  1. Based on past experience with a Uberti 73 rifle, all will have some issues due to the fact that the bolt and carrier used are designed for the 38/357 cartridges. My solution was a little smoothing on the chamber bottom. Almost like creating a ramp. Installing a one piece firing pin. This also improved alignment. Bullet shape will also make a difference. Have not experienced any extract issues (except for the usual problem with black powder fouling getting under the extractor).
  2. Took 3 to 4 times to accept order, also would not process unless you picked a shipping expense. Will see how that plays out once the order is billed.
  3. For a black powder revolver, Bill Kelly is a good source. He does the VTI/Krist Konverter work. Good turnaround time, when I did a conversion, about 2 Weeks.
  4. Dan, You want to contact Boomstick Arms, Jason Wilmer. I had A pair done about 3 years ago. Revolver, octagon barrel, and short stroke, $2430 out the door for both.
  5. Didn't realize posting picture would be so pain full. Is there some delay on the number of posts?
  6. I will get some pictures out later tonight. If you thought the tab on the Uberti was bad, wait tell you see this one. Just a thin post.
  7. I picked up one the other day from GunBroker. The 38 spec with the 20in round barrel. Haven't had time to actually fire it, did some dry firing with dummy rounds. Cycling was smooth, but not like a well turned gun from one of the top smiths supporting SASS shooters. Actually smoother, than my stock Miroku 73. What is interesting the caliber is marked 38 special but the carrier is the same length as the 73 - .357 rifle. Rounds loaded to 1.57 inches cycled much better than the 38 spec length of 1.42 inches. Sorry no pictures - compared to the non-shootable 150th year commemorative rifle
  8. Mr. Pettifogger, Nice design - looks very similar to the light weight level safety springs being made for the Uberti. Maybe one of the entrepreneur gunsmiths will start making these for the Winchester. In the mean time looks like owners of the Winchester 73 are on their own. What size wire spring did you use?
  9. Can you provide cost and contact information Mr. Lipowicz? Thanks
  10. I have been fairly successful with the Ruger Vaquero 4 3/4" barrel with the low spur hammer & short stroke. As someone mentioned Taylor has a Colt clone with the 1860 grip that is also short stroked. Recommend the .357s - buy the 38 Long Colt cases- holds a little over 1CC of 2F. No filler necessary.
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