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  1. How many remarks if we go down the ricochet rabbit hole? Seen ricochets count, as long as it’s from the shooter’s gun and only takes down one target, unless stage instructions allow otherwise. stop shooter when a target fails, fix target, reshoot - sounds like an easy fix, must be a long list of reasons that suggestion hasn’t made it in the rule book. HK Hawkeye Kid
  2. Ranger Dan is getting close. I would clarify statement - All KD targets (rifle, pistol, shotgun) must be hit and go down to count. KD targets that go down due to target failure still must be engaged - shoot where it was following stage conventions.
  3. Shotgun was last, run through timer and take second to last shot time.
  4. Many Clubs have a preference not to shoot at a fallen target, shoot over target into berm. Never seen anyone called if they do shoot at the fallen target.
  5. FYI I was the TO, and instructed shooter to fire the 7th round. On protest from one Spotter, Posse Marshal adjusted shooter’s time. Shooter was happy to get back a few seconds on the stage. Does this all tie back to the coaching thread? Let the calls all sort out at the end of the stage.
  6. Why would you call this a “judgment call” ? Either a round has to hit and knockdown the KD target or when the KD falls on its own accord - due to wind, rock, earthquakes, stray bullet from another shooting bay, or what every, the KD is a freebie (as long as minimum number of shots fired) or you need to shoot where it was regardless if the minimum number of rounds have been fired. In this case, shooter should have fired a 7th round into berm for the fallen 4th target.
  7. Corrected op for target 3. Thanks
  8. Targets were stage far enough apart where one round could not take down two targets.
  9. Phantom, are you implying in the second scenario, the shooter would not have to fire any shotgun rounds?
  10. Stage is 6 shotgun knockdown targets, round count is 6+ shooter engages and hits target 1; engages and misses target 2; re-engages target 2; while re-loading target 4 falls over, engages and hits target 3, 5 & 6. At this point 6 rounds have been shot. TO instructs shooter to shot one more at the the fallen target 4 position. Was shot 7 correct? Alt scenario, stage instructions are to knockdown all shotgun targets, no round count is provided. Wind knocks down all targets, does the shooter need to fire any shotgun rounds?
  11. Ivory and Stag on the Colts.
  12. Two pictures of the bolt with case in extractor - doesn't look like bottom tap is bent. Tap is a replacement and looks solid. There was a timing issue with the aluminum carrier - carrier was rising hitting bottom of bolt as it was being pulled back into frame. Carrier was not hitting lower tap. Fixed that so bolt is flush inside frame before carrier rises up to the level of the bottom of the bolt. That really helped resolving the ejection issue, plus modifying top of carrier to throw shells to the left. Still not happy with the bolt slop allowing extractor to hit chamber top.
  13. Few photos of the extract sequence. Notice when the empty case starts to disengage from the extractor. With the bolt removed, when an case is pushed on the extractor you can hear an click when extractor rides over case rim. Shaking bolt up and down will not disengage the case, pulling the case straight back from bolt will not disengage case, pushing down on from of case will not disengage case, only when you push up on case lip does the case start to disengage. Leads me to believe the extractor is good. Will change it anyways just to see if there is a difference. When using a full leng
  14. Adding some pictures to help visualize the issue. This is the top of the extractor hitting top of chamber - notice extractor tip is below the notch in the rear of barrel. This shows same view with a dummy round - extractor will slide over rim of case to allow bolt to fully close. This was the problem, sometimes the extractor didn't slide over rim without a little jiggle of the lever. View of bolt - Bolt is slight below the top of the frame - comparing to other 73's the bolt is riding on the frame. First is the Henry second is the 73. Also not
  15. Warden - No matter how hard I try, can’t seem to change the Henry into a 94. Not that I would want too. Joeronimo - Hat helped deflect a few cases Abilene - Yes its shorted stroked. No sure why that matters GJ- filing a little off the side of lifter helped. Didn’t resolve issue 100% OLG- Not the issue. No problem extracting the shell Dutch- already do, left handed shooter. After 50 practice rounds - observe 2 items. 1. Extracted case falls of the extractor about mid carrier, this could be the problem with case ejecting back. Anyone else observe this wh
  16. Modified an aluminum carrier for the Cowboy 45 Special in a 1860 Henry. Issue is the shells come straight back and hit you in the forehead. How do you change the angle of ejection?
  17. Mike, I have had pins that take more than a brass hammer to remove. A little penetrating oil won’t hurt. Supporting the bolt as Lefty suggested will help focus the hammer force on the pin. Once the pin is removed, a little polishing will make it easier next time.
  18. Just picked up a Uberti Henry in 45 Colt. Are Uberti 73 internal parts compatible with the 1860 rifle? Carrier, extension rod, bolt, main spring? Thanks
  19. I used VTI services to convert a C-series 1851 to utilize 38 Long Colt. VTI sends the work to Bill Kelly in TN.
  20. Colt 1851 2nd gens have a screw in front sight. Bought replacement from VTI for the Uberti and it worked fine using lock-tight glue. Even with a taller sight, you may still have to cut the hammer notch deeper. Getting the old sight off was the chore.
  21. For Sale - Uberti/Taylor Deluxe (Pistol Grip with checkering stock) 1873. Asking $1,800.00 plus shipping from my FFL to yours. Has the full Jimmy Spurs race action with short stroke - see invoice below. Brought as a back up, became 3rd in-line for use. Does have the minor cart dings - shown in pictures. Full disclosure - When I received the rifle - found two anomalies in the barrel - one about 6" down and the second about 12" down. When running a tight cleaning patch you can feel a change in the riffling. It was too late to send back to factory after all the custom work. Doe
  22. Looking for a Uberti Trapper (20” barrel) in 45 Colt. Cash or trade will trade a Uberti/Taylor 1873, 20” barrel, 357 cal, pistol grip stock, butt cover, lever wrap, full race action job including short stroke by Jimmy Spurs. At the time was a$2200 purchase. Was a 2nd in line backup, very little use. Thanks
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