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  1. Everyone has a favorite, ask your local club members, and try theirs; currently using Shotgun Boogie. Once you get a Boogie gun you won’t go back to any others.
  2. Try running the loaded cartridge through the resized - less decapper, and see if problem still exist.
  3. A good scenario for Branchwater Jack to make for his TFL video series.
  4. Make it a Match Director option. Match directions can be 1. In event of prop failure, stop shooter; provide re-shoot or 2. Follow ROC ruling on a prop failure. It’s either option 1 or option 2 not a choice between options. In my area, we shoot a lot of shotgun targets with a clay bird pop-up. The clay target breaks frequently coming out of the pop-up. Re-shoots are not practical, another option is necessary.
  5. Been about a week, any update from the ROC? The constraint on time, puts the re-shoot option when a prop fails as not the most practical. A consistent rule for all types of KD targets is necessary. 1 shot, 1 target down or missed. Targets that fall on their own (prop failure), require the shooter to place a shot in/near the space where the target was (not at the downed target). The minimum number of rounds still need to be fired, however round count is not the determining factor to call that all targets are down due to shooter firing and hitting the target. Example is t
  6. How many remarks if we go down the ricochet rabbit hole? Seen ricochets count, as long as it’s from the shooter’s gun and only takes down one target, unless stage instructions allow otherwise. stop shooter when a target fails, fix target, reshoot - sounds like an easy fix, must be a long list of reasons that suggestion hasn’t made it in the rule book. HK Hawkeye Kid
  7. Ranger Dan is getting close. I would clarify statement - All KD targets (rifle, pistol, shotgun) must be hit and go down to count. KD targets that go down due to target failure still must be engaged - shoot where it was following stage conventions.
  8. Shotgun was last, run through timer and take second to last shot time.
  9. Many Clubs have a preference not to shoot at a fallen target, shoot over target into berm. Never seen anyone called if they do shoot at the fallen target.
  10. FYI I was the TO, and instructed shooter to fire the 7th round. On protest from one Spotter, Posse Marshal adjusted shooter’s time. Shooter was happy to get back a few seconds on the stage. Does this all tie back to the coaching thread? Let the calls all sort out at the end of the stage.
  11. Why would you call this a “judgment call” ? Either a round has to hit and knockdown the KD target or when the KD falls on its own accord - due to wind, rock, earthquakes, stray bullet from another shooting bay, or what every, the KD is a freebie (as long as minimum number of shots fired) or you need to shoot where it was regardless if the minimum number of rounds have been fired. In this case, shooter should have fired a 7th round into berm for the fallen 4th target.
  12. Corrected op for target 3. Thanks
  13. Targets were stage far enough apart where one round could not take down two targets.
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