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  1. The Colt 38 uses a heel bullet, probable at 0.375" not the standard 0.357" for a 38 special. Old West Bullet Moulds sells heel bullets and moulds. Another option is to use hollow based bullets. Found some 148gr HBWC from Bear Creek Supply. Got fairly good results with 2gr Trailboss in a 38 long Colt case for a converted 1851 Navy.
  2. Anyone know who did the engraving and brush nickel finish on the 1873 Winchester that CDNN has on GunBroker?
  3. Set of Jerry Harper engraved Colt 38 WCF with Ivory, all done by Nutmeg Sports.
  4. Just started to work on a load. Trying 3.8gr TB with Federal Magnum primers. Shot the lasts local match with it. Almost the same as shooting the 38s.
  5. Using this load since Trailboss came out. 105gr to 147gr bullets. 3.2gr TB.
  6. I have Snake Oil George one piece pin in 3 73s. Greatly improved cartridge alignment on the 32-20. I was having chambering issues. For the other two, mostly eliminated the light primer hit problems.
  7. KH24


    Reasoning for determining misses on KD targets is different from S targets due to stage instructions that misses are only on KDs left standing. ( if not made up with shotgun on another target.)
  8. KH24


    At 5 pages, changed my call. The Hit on T7 caused the P for not having 4 rounds to engage the S targets. Misses on rack Do Not count if all the targets are down. (1 Hit takes down 2 or more targets; shoot where remaining targets were. If shooter missed the first 5 shot on the rack, on the 6th shot all the targets fall, does the shooter have a miss? No ). The shotgun makeup was a waste of time, it did not correct the missed 5th round. One P plus time lose shooting shotgun makeup.
  9. KH24


    No P and No Miss for your scenario. 6 shots at 6 plates, no plates standing. Very typical occurance when shooting plate racks. Depending on how the stage instructions are written, round count or knock down the targets. 2 shots can take down 6 targets, the remaining still need to be fired according to the instructions.
  10. I liked the range bag the best. The pistol rugs cost me $1200 in new ivory grips. Turned the grips black.
  11. KH24


    Also interested in the final call. It's not clear from the thread. Is it a miss and P or only the P? My call would be miss and P. The shotgun on bell is mute, instructions are clear, makeup on standing KD, Not makeup on Misses. No KDs standing, miss is on S2.
  12. Cylinder stamping. Earlier you mentioned the assembly numbering the cylinder matched the frame assembly number. Colts in the 73,000 to 120,000 range still had the serial number -last 4 digits stamped on the outside of the cylinder.
  13. The 54 01 should be the assembly number. Should match to the loading gate. Not sure of the 1125 M.
  14. The roll die stamp didn't start until around late 1889, 130,000 serial number range. Does your trigger guard have the 44CAL or 44CF stamp?
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