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  1. If you wanted to take your life in your hands you could have replied, “Same reason you can’t seem to leave the seat UP when you’re done.”
  2. I have a set of Lee 41 Magnum dies I have no use for and am not sure why I own them. Thought I’d trade them but no takers. So… $40 shipped.
  3. I do not, sorry. I do have an Old Model Cattleman (same length and caliber, 4-clicks) to sell. It’s seen more use, but still a good gun.
  4. Have an extra revolver that needs a new home, so the title of the thread tells nearly the whole story. I bought this new as a mate to my other Cattleman, then the other cattleman left and when it came back it was a Colt and had grown a longer barrel. So I’m trying to keep the trend going, I need to send this off to come back as a Colt later on. Doubt if I put two boxes of shells through this, I don’t compete anymore, so it’s just easy range time. $475 shipped to your FFL. I am not an FFL, so your FFL must be willing to receive from a private seller.
  5. Well, the requirements put me up a tree (I have a 4.75” .45 Cattleman II to part with) I’ll just bump ya instead
  6. Sorry if already posted. Wouldn’t need to own it, I’d love to just put a box of shells through it. (And yell appropriate movie lines!) https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/10/06/wheelgun-wednesday-john-waynes-true-grit-revolver-auction-today/
  7. Mark Twain once said “If a man loves cats, he is my friend and comrade without further introduction.” I am friend to all men who love cats and enemy to those who would harm them. Like or dislike, I have no trouble with. Intentionally harm, that’s different. Sorry for your loss. If I could shoot the skunk who did it I would cheerfully do so.
  8. Title says most of it, I'm looking for a Ruger Vaquero in 45 Colt. Not the New Model, the OM fits my big hands a little better. Prefer Blued but Stainless is ok. Barrel length not an issue., although I am fond of the 5.5" and 7.7" models. PM Me if you have one that could go to a good home at a decent price.
  9. I just sold a single shot, looking for another. Might have to trade my 44wcf ‘92 (made in 1895) for one.
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