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  1. There you have it, I agree with Warden Callaway. Folks can get enough information off the website to figure out where you live, that your passion is shooting and you have lots of firearms. Then they see you are making the trek to WR or EoT so they have a lot of time to clean you out.


    And lastly, "If Peter Piper could pick a peck of pickled peeves, how many pickled peeves could Peter Piper pick?" :)

  2. I know nothing about Ranger Point's Marlin conversions. I have talked to them. At that time they hadn't done any conversions for a Cowboy shooter. When I asked them about how fast their short stroked conversions would run they had no idea. I wasn't willing to be the beta test at the tune of $2100 plus a rifle. There is a gunsmith in Washington state and another in Texas who will convert a '94. Google Marlin converted to shoot 45 ACP and the names will come up.


    My disenchantment with converting a 45 Colt to a 45 ACP is that I don't think it is chambered correctly. Most smiths will just shorten the 45 Colt chamber down to the 45 ACP length. The problem is that 45 colt chamber doesn't have the same dimensions as a ACP chamber. The colt is larger and has a taper from the chamber to the throat. Thus the ACP round doesn't really have a ridge for the case mouth to chamber on.


  3. So Blackwater, what Garrison Joe said was a possibility actually happened to you. By a "crown" do you mean more of a point?

    Boggus Deal, the tests you cite were for the heavier recoiling .45-70, and they solved it by making sure the primers were seated and going to small primers.

    This has been interesting, thank you all


  4. I've actually taken a primed case put it in a vice used a pair of pliers to hold a round nose bullet and beat the bullet with a hammer and it did Not go off. I've done it several times same result. Try it for yourself. Also thousands of rounds over many years out of my 66 and 73's but I say this if your not comfortable with it then don't do it. Dusty Boddams

    :lol: Dang Dusty, that was the kind of field test and testimony I was looking for!

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  5. I run 3 six cavity Lee tumble lube moulds for any bullet I cast. The learning curve on Lee moulds can be avoided by simply following the instructions: clean them, smoke them and use them. Never touch the aluminum part with anything harder than molten lead, they scratch. With a hot pot and the 3 moulds I can crank out 1500 bullets in a couple hours. I like the tumble lube because it is quick and easy. I'd rather be shooting than making bullets.

  6. I know someone will blast me for asking this question, but here goes. I've known shooters who have no qualms about using round nosed bullets in their SASS rifles. They contend there is no danger of a round nosed bullet setting off a round in the tubular magazine. That made me think, how many of you out there make a regular practice of it?

  7. If you like your Lee, you can keep it.

    I don't write this to insult you. Used a Lee for years, not hot enough and it leaked.

    Picked up a used SAECO and now I'm spoiled. I run three sets of 6 cavity moulds when I cast. That means in an hour and a half I can cast 1500 bullets. The Lee could never keep up. I could only run two sets of moulds and still had to wait for it to heat. When my SAECO dies, if can't get it rebuilt, I'll probably buy a RCBS.

  8. For current prices go on gunbroker and do an advanced search of completed auction where the item sold. Narrow your search by caliber, barrel length ect. 357s are doing very well, 45s not so much.

    JB is exactly correct. But don't look at how they are priced, look at what they actually sell for. There are a number of high priced Marlins that have been on Gunbroker for months. The longer barrel in 45 Colt is not that popular.

  9. Being new to Marlins I have a question for you Marlin shooters. I think for every caliber of 1894 there is a shorter version of that round available; e.g. for 357 Mag there is 38 special; for 45 Colt - 45 Schofield (or 45 Cowboy); 44 Mag - 44 Special; 41 Mag - 41 special; 32 Mag - 32 S&W Long and etc. Is there any advantage in shooting a shorter case over the longer? Especially after you have Widderized your rifle does the case length really matter?

  10. You are thinking Gen 2 on the 23. I owned one of the first 23's to come out and they were definitely all Gen 2's. The confusion comes from most people not knowing what the Gen 1 looked like. Do a google search of the Gen 1 Glock vs the Gen 2 and pay close attention to the grip.




    The big difference between a so called Gen 1 and Gen 2 is the addition of the serrations to the back strap and checkering to the front strap. Believe me that made a big difference, the grip on the Gen 1 is slick! A G23 gen 2 is still my favorite carry gun.

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