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  1. I edited the topic to ask who would be best to slick one up ? I found one on GB.
  2. I think the Cz hammer gun is a great looking gun. But I have a TTN that fits me perfectly. I was wanting to try a CZ without hammers.
  3. I was using AA I was surprised they weren’t coming out easier.
  4. I have a Stoeger from long hunter. The shells don’t fall out easily. When I tilt it back to help gravity it closes unless I hold it open and it’s hard to pull them out when I have to hold it just right to keep it from closing. I was using a ttn with hammers so I thought by switching to a gun I didn’t have to cock I would save some time. I think they too too much off because it constantly wants to close.
  5. Is a new CZ coach gun sass ready out of the box . Or do they need some work ? Who is the best gunsmith to doa action job on one?
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