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  1. I have not Ben using either. I purchased the Cimarron first have only used it occasionally. I prefer the SxS for cowboy. I recently started wild bunch so started using one. I have never shot the IAC. I was thinking of selling one so I thought I’d get opinions on which is better. The cereal number starts CB 014
  2. I have 2 After market 1897 shotguns. 1 is Iac and the other is a Cimarron. Who made the Cimarron? Which one is better and more durable.
  3. After examining the gun looks like the pin that holds the cocking arm lever fell out causing the cocking arm lever to fall out. so the left side won’t cock and the switch to fire which barrel first is locked up.
  4. Yes I had Grinner slick it up. Before I ship it back to him I thougt I would see if the local shotgun gunsmith could fix it. I was curious how hard parts were to find.
  5. I had a malfunction of CZ coachgun today at the shoot. Any advise on where to get one serviced or where to get parts ?
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