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  1. Don’t know about bushings or production dates. They are not consecutive serial numbers. They were purchased on GB seperatley. One was listed at time as unturned new. The other listed as fired very little. After sending off to Jim Martin for action job I shot them twice, around 200 rounds.
  2. I have a pair of Colt SAA , Nickel 45 LC 4/34 barrel Action work by Jim Martin 6000.00 for the pair face to face in Florida.
  3. Tried to get the Girlfriend in to the sport but she didn’t like it. So I have her Kirkpatric Tequila holster for sale. 39 to center belt hole plus extra hardware to adjust it more or less. It Has two strong side holsters + cross draw built for Vaquero 4/58 Bullet loops for 38 Shot shell holders for 20 guage The belt was only used in a couple matches. Asking 350.00
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