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  1. Cary Elwes and Mandy Patenken actually went through a lot of training with a sword master to make for a realistic fight scene. Some was done by stunt doubles, but mostly it was them, including the left/right hand switch.
  2. I thought it might mean the same as a “blunt”.
  3. There are more effective ways to light wet wood. Any of the wax/lint/cotton combos already mentioned are great. I’ve used alcohol hand sanitizer. Put a few squirts on the wood and light it. A small tube of petroleum jelly works well. Leave crayons to the kids.
  4. I submit there are 108 triangles in this diagram. There are the 18 3-sided shapes which most have correctly found. But to a geometrist or mathematician, triangles are defined and identified by their vertices. Take the diagram below. The primary outside vertices are labeled A, B, and C. The visually obvious triangle is named ABC. However, there are five more triangles in that same 3-sided shape: BCA, CAB, ACB, CBA, and BAC. The same six triangles can be found in the other (17) 3-sided shapes. And that, Saloon friends, is why I went engineering and not mathematics.
  5. Elliot Marsten, played by Alan Rickman in Quigley Down Under.
  6. I was at the game with a large contingent of ‘87 classmates. Great game with a well earned Army victory. Sing Second! Yes, service academy cheerleaders are all cadets and midshipman. Physical appearance, athletic toughness, moral character, and leadership are not mutually exclusive traits. I’d say they are quite complementary of each other.
  7. And I’m sure he took his share of ribbing. But your colleague had nothing to do with the tasteless joke. This is a family forum.
  8. Not following it. Too much drama in my own life. I’ll have to trust the jurors and jurists in the room.
  9. Two of the greats, but can’t have this discussion without Marty Brenneman and Joe Nuxhall of the Reds. How Marty made it in the HoF and Joe didn’t is beyond me. It’s like putting peanut butter in the HoF without the jelly. Marty-n-Joe were so seamless together. I’d listen to them on the radio over watching the TV every time. They made the game come alive.
  10. My wife and I always ask what we can bring. If the hostess says to bring nothing, we show up with an appetite and grateful smile. But the hostess often says to bring a dessert or wine or something like that, which we’re more than happy to do. Dinner invitations aren’t about who feeds whom. They’re about sharing each other’s companionship. Roast vegetables sound good by me.
  11. I am more informed than I was five minutes ago. I always thought the expression had something to do with a dead bolt lock.
  12. One of my all time favorite bands! Saw them once with Earth, Wind, and Fire. A 3+ hour audio ecstasy experience.
  13. My wife and I stayed at a Victorian BnB in Asheville, NC several years ago. Around 2:00am we heard an awful clatter as footsteps ran all over the floor in the room above us. The next morning we were having breakfast with the other guests and I asked who’d enjoyed the late night. When nobody confessed to being in that room, the host told us that the house did indeed experience such events.
  14. Here’s Jack, the yellow lab, with a leash wrapped in green tape and covered with green beans. Can anybody guess his costume?
  15. I’ve pondered that exact question. Whatever happened to, “It’s an active investigation and we can’t comment at this time.”
  16. Mine is a 6” S&W 686. Smoothest revolver ever assembled.
  17. It’s my fixed opinion based more than a half century of circling the sun that most people are like your new friend. Unfortunately, it’s the chuckleheads that seem to capture headlines.
  18. We have a beautiful start to the day here in East by-God Tennessee with the sunrise just breaking the Smokies. I hope you’re having an equally good start wherever you call home.
  19. “Gentle” in the ancient Greek meant “strength under control”.
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