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  1. 3 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:



    I hate to burst the bubbles of the haters, but this is classic win and you're in, or lose and go home. 


    If the Tide beats the Dawgs, like they have for years now, they're in the playoffs, and so are the Dawgs. 


    OTH, if the Tide loses they go to some minor bowl and the Dawgs win it all. 

    Bama vs Gawja is a tossup. 

    Yes, if Bama wins they’re heading to the playoffs with Gawja. It’s how the ranking work. 

    And I have a nickel that says they’ll meet again in the finals, unless somebody pulls an upset. 

    I’d love a good showing by my Bearcats, but midnight is close. 

    Not sure if I can bring myself to cheer for Michigan, except out of respect for what they did to Ohio State. 

  2. If the 357 had been available in 1873, that presupposes propellant and metallurgy was also available. Yes, it would have been popular as it has been since 1934 when it was introduced. 

    But assuming gun evolution were 51 years advanced, what would we have to work with today?  


    Hyper velocity rounds from recoilless pistols?


    The 6.5 Creedmore, Rev 5?


    The possibilities are mind boggling. 



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  3. 4 minutes ago, Tyrel Cody said:

    Agree and THANKFULLY the Ohio State got beat and shouldn't be involved in the cfp either.

    It’s good to see some parity coming back to college football. 

    And let’s not forget this year’s Cinderella team, Cincinnati. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Clay Mosby said:

    , some people who had zero animosity towards other ethnic groups, find themselves fighting the urge to develop that animosity. 

    I find this to be my biggest personal risk.  Like Sgt Sabre’s post, it was 8 years with Uncle Sam that opened my eyes and tore down stereotypes, for which I am very grateful.


    In today’s world where I am attacked for simply being who I am, I find it hard not to lash out at others, even those who are not hating me for who I am.  


    It it is a fine line we all must walk.

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  5. 17 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Actually the Cobra was the Warthog of it’s day. The Huey was more. It could drop you off in a bad place and then pick you up, and bring your chow and mail, and take to to the life saving place. It was a taxi, an ambulance, a gun platform, a truck, and a killer.  ;) Always mixed emotions when hearing one.



    The Huey was the C-130 of the rotary wing family in its day. Any mission. Anywhere. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, "Big Boston" said:


    I never seemed to be able to get past leading and poor accuracy with the 44 RM. I'd be interested in what cowboy loads you were able to develop. 




    Sent you a PM. 

  7. I know Thanksgiving is a special time and I’m not trying to throw a wet blanket on anyone’s gathering.


    The feast has always been a special time for my wife. She loves cooking and feeding people, especially large family gatherings.


    In 2014 her dad was living with us, which actually added something special to the day in spite of his poor health.  Around 1 o’clock she hollered down that the dinner was ready. Her dad got up, washed his hands, and had what was apparently a massive heart attack. He died in the arms of his daughter and his grandsons.


    While we are all grateful that he got to transition forward surrounded by family and friends and hearing words of love, there has been a pall over the holiday ever since. 

    As you gather with your families this weekend, please send up a kind thought for my wife and sons. 

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  8. I’ve used the 44 mag for most of my life, including my entire time in SASS with some mild loads.


    I’m at a stage where I don’t shoot much CAS any more but have a zillion 200gr hard cast pills.


    What has been folks experience shooting hotter 44 mag loads with lead?  How fast can you go?  Are we allowed to share load data on the Wire?


    Any insight is much appreciated.

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