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  1. The NDA was most likely signed by all parties before they entered into negotiations, and the language written such that it is binding no matter the outcome of the negotiations. If either party talks to an outside person about anything, the other party gets to sue in civil court. What I do not understand is why folks are so interested in knowing something that is, quite frankly, none of our business.
  2. I got the sarcasm, UB. My comments were for those who might have thought you were serious. Everyone in that stadium, including the aircrews, had already completed the most dangerous part of the day. They safely drove to the airfield or stadium.
  3. In spite of what folks think, helicopters don’t come straight down in an engine failure. At that altitude and airspeed, a full engine failure upon entering the stadium would have still allowed any of the four aircraft to autorotate out of the stadium into the parking lot.
  4. If you’re a true investor, then please take up the issue with your business partners and don’t speculatively impugn character here in a public forum. If you’re a customer of Founders Ranch, be sad that a nice shooting facility is gone, then move on. I had hoped to visit there one day, but it won’t happen now.
  5. Not sure what happened to your link. Search “Titans flyover investigation” for the video. Four Army choppers turned a pre-game flyover into a fly-through at an NFL game. They were below the stadium lights. FAA’s knickers are in a wad. Four aircrews are the toast of Fort Campbell. A general or two are smiling for the stunt they just pulled. The FAA can set rules but punishing military crews under them is extremely rare. I’ll wager the next round of drinks that a 2-star or above signed off on the mission exactly as it was executed.
  6. No business owes its customers an explanation when it fails. If they don’t want to make things public, and I don’t blame them, it means nothing about the character of those involved.
  7. You can dress them up, put them on stage, but don’t count on them sticking to script. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/army-helicopter-flyover-tennessee-titans/?amp
  8. Here’s a craftsman in Knoxville who makes knives by hand. Impressive work. https://phillipsforged.com
  9. Bama vs Gawja is a tossup. Yes, if Bama wins they’re heading to the playoffs with Gawja. It’s how the ranking work. And I have a nickel that says they’ll meet again in the finals, unless somebody pulls an upset. I’d love a good showing by my Bearcats, but midnight is close. Not sure if I can bring myself to cheer for Michigan, except out of respect for what they did to Ohio State.
  10. Actually, I’d probably turn blue/green and puke. Smoldering tobacco has never sat well with my constitution. If SDJ had offered a bottle of Jack Daniels, it would have been a different story.
  11. Each year the team picks an event or unit to represent in their uniforms for the game. This year, that unit is the Special Forces on the 20th anniversary of Task Force Dagger in Afghanistan. https://www.unitedwestand.football/?fbclid=IwAR3cFGtPlEie8OUe9FdkXvb61k1GkoBJNkyvKj8r521X9oWmJuwBk9_HZp0
  12. If the 357 had been available in 1873, that presupposes propellant and metallurgy was also available. Yes, it would have been popular as it has been since 1934 when it was introduced. But assuming gun evolution were 51 years advanced, what would we have to work with today? Hyper velocity rounds from recoilless pistols? The 6.5 Creedmore, Rev 5? The possibilities are mind boggling.
  13. It’s good to see some parity coming back to college football. And let’s not forget this year’s Cinderella team, Cincinnati.
  14. They don’t deserve a CFP berth after that game. (Charlie’s gonna retreat to a hideaway and wait for the Bama faithful to chime in.)
  15. I find this to be my biggest personal risk. Like Sgt Sabre’s post, it was 8 years with Uncle Sam that opened my eyes and tore down stereotypes, for which I am very grateful. In today’s world where I am attacked for simply being who I am, I find it hard not to lash out at others, even those who are not hating me for who I am. It it is a fine line we all must walk.
  16. For anyone who might care to go to the source, instead of a muck raking rag… https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/commitment-to-diversity/ https://salvationarmyflorida.org/anti-racism/
  17. The Huey was the C-130 of the rotary wing family in its day. Any mission. Anywhere.
  18. Sunset in our historic urban neighborhood, 4th and Gill, in Knoxville, TN.
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