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  1. Did you know that LBJ was being investigated on Capital Hill that morning in November. After he took the oath of office: all the documents at that hearing we gathered up and never seen again. LBJ should have been a lesson to America: he almost managed to destroy the country, but this time I think his son will pull it off completely.
  2. The guy just reminds me of LBJ: the most evil American of the 20 century to Me.
  3. Been to the Arctic Circle No Global Warming just not happening: but for 19 dollars a month you can sponsor a Cowboy that's less than a dollar a day. They will be able to relive their childhood again just for 19 dollars a month please think about it.
  4. Mr. Biden is more like LBJ, Robert Byrd and Jimmy Carter all rolled into one. As far as clean country: been to 21 other countries all of than dirtier than the United States.
  5. My dogs live good: I should be so Lucky
  6. I use RCBS 168 grain with a gas check in a 300 blackout bolt gun. Works out to 200 yards.
  7. This data is from the wad company for 3/4 oz. : loaded over 8,000 last year to shot clays works great. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/53-cb0175-12-load-data
  8. one of each: 302 1oz single and 502 1-1/8 oz. progressive
  9. That is a very true statement.
  10. Grandpa, Really John Glen and Jim Webb were both so Liberal they would get along fine in the New Marines.
  11. Mr. Kelly is like a lot of peace time Naval officers. His career will always come before his country.
  12. I finished the Florida State Match clean with one
  13. I did and had fun. Shot slow and clean.
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