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  1. While they are laughing her boyfriend is removing their catalytic converter.
  2. That's pretty good ... What powder are you using for your test?? Low density powders like Red Dot ... Clays etc start getting kinda finicky as you cross below 3 grains ... where something like Titegroup .. Bullseye could care less.
  3. No ... no ... no ... that is so wrong!! It undermines the law of natural selection!!
  4. AND .. not to carry on ... BUT ... They should have given you a receipt that stated what you got (and serial number) ... (not getting what the receipt says would be a good start for a court case). ... BUT ... In the clerk's defense ... if the Uberti had "Colt 45" printed on the top of the barrel ... can the clerk call it a "Colt"?? ... Here you go son ... here is a Colt ... a Colt 45 ... wadda you think of that?? Pretty nice huh?? If the other thing (non-Smith and Wesson) had Smith and Wesson 38 special printed on the barrel ... would he be completely dishonest calling it a Smith and Wesson?? Just sayin'
  5. But wait!! All those name brand guns are so superior ... Are you saying that you couldn't pick up a Colt (even with a blindfold) and immediately know that it was the "real thing"???!? You couldn't pick both up and easily identify the "cheap ... soft metal ... knock off"??? Amazing ... This is gonna go bad for BBQ guns. Gemme your money ... you're getting the best!!!
  6. I'm sure ... soon ... you will be able to call and they will send a mailing label ... or have one of those little robot coolers stop by for pick-ups.
  7. Could be ... On the site listed there is a video w/ more breakout of pricing. ... AND ... Probably so .. since "in the video" they call a hospital and ask for a "ball park" est for a kidney (installed!!) and the doctor states 95K yuan or so ... which would almost be $15K in US dollars. What a deal .. life is cheap ...
  8. The world we live in ... (don't fall asleep at the airport ... register independent) ... https://www.ntd.com/china-prices-officially-listed-for-organ-donations_697709.html
  9. The only reason they lost is because the mail-in ballots printed in China are still stuck on a container ship in LA harbor. Their failure to address the supply-chain problem has ironically bit them in the b...t!!
  10. Oh ... oh .... "The "Rust" armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, loaded the gun with what she thought were dummy rounds before Alec Baldwin used it on set, fatally shooting the movie's cinematographer, lawyers for the armorer said in an interview with NBC." "There was a box of dummy rounds and the box was labeled dummy. Hannah did take from that box which she by all accounts should have been able to rely on, to contain only dummy rounds," said Gutierrez Reed's lawyer Jason Bowles." https://www.azfamily.com/news/us_world_news/rust-armorer-thought-she-loaded-the-gun-with-dummy-rounds-lawyer-says/article_a3710368-8191-57e7-9853-5f8cfa800eb6.html?block_id=997200
  11. Well ... the cat is missing now!! (Emilio) ... We may be dealing with a serial killer!! (or proved that cats really are smart ) ... https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/hilaria-baldwin-reveals-family-cat-missing-alec-baldwin-shooting-drama
  12. OK Tom ... listen up ... If you don't think you can die you won't be the first. My wife went to the same PCP for years … AND … always seemed to have the same problems that never got resolved. I urged her to try someone else … if for no other reason … simply because there was never any improvement. She would occasionally get dizzy … nauseated and would lay down and then be OK. Her doctor gave her medication for vertigo and sea sickness. Everytime she went for a checkup they would check her blood pressure and do an EKG. One morning … about ten years ago I heard a thump in the hallway and a few minutes later she was calling my name. I found her in the hallway where she had fallen … her glasses resting against a wall almost 15 feet away. She was conscious and didn't want to go to the hospital w/o getting herself presentable but I couldn't stop the bleeding and told her we needed to go … and to go quickly. She went into surgery immediately and a pacemaker was installed. I had the opportunity later to overhear her new doctors reviewing some of her previous EKGs … and they were saying things like "holy cow … what does it take … someone to drop dead in his waiting room??" … She told me (after a subsequent follow up visit … 6mos or so) that her new doctor said he was sorry she had taken such a bad fall .. but … if that had not happened … (providing the opportunity to get proper care) … she would probably not be here. We spent a lot of time wondering what could have happened if that event had occurred while she was driving or had been somewhere other than in our own home … or if she had been alone. These new devices are so modern … bluetooth etc … Has it's own in home communication link (sends data to her doctors etc). She has been event free since … and life has been great .. AND … it is something no one should ever have to worry about in this day and age … Don’t put off getting this squared away (takes about two hours of your time to get one these days).
  13. Heaven forbid all the corporate IT professionals out there would ever bother to change the default passwords on router/managed network equipment ... sigh ...
  14. Oh no!! Some "Russian" hacker group w/ the name "Evil" in there somewhere hacked "fill in the blank" ... sigh ... I hope they didn't get my personal information ... everyone will find out I am member of a secret murder for hire club!!
  15. Be careful!! (swap carefully and don't force or allow to bind). Barrel sets (w/ a lug and such) are fitted to their own action (hinge pin and clearance). A loose fit might be OK for comparision but if one was too tight it might compromise it's fit on it's original action. IMHO as always ...
  16. 18 inch on the Stoeger (to get rid of the fixed chokes) ...
  17. Ha!! That's funny. I just finished tearing everything apart looking for mine for the last 2 hours!! ... anyhow ... I remember being in a PX one time and buying one (with the missle) ... because they didn't have any with just the crossed cannons (I don't think they knew the difference either). I wasn't the only one ... and everything went just dandy until the next time we had to put on dress uniforms and the Captain saw them. ... AND ... He explained the difference to us ... sigh ...
  18. That's only for people like Timothy McVeigh and/or other Federal trials ... (zero coverage). Oops ... I'm gonna tune into Oprah and watch some of those Jan 6 trials today ... (uh ... nope) ... For OJ Simpson or stuff like this it is a free for all ... Good luck getting an fair/unbiased jury trial. Everyone ... will have decided who they think is guilty long before there would ever be a trial. If there is a chance they won't (come to the desired conclusion) there will be government leaks to steer/correct public opinion. IMHO as always ...
  19. Yep!! ... AND ... Everyone is assuming this guy knew how to get the "drum" to spin anyhow. He probably just opened the "hatch" and kept cocking the gun ... trying to get those 45s aligned just right so he could check them (hole in the side). No wonder he only checked three. Betcha betcha bectha he didn't know how to put the gun at half cock.
  20. Yeah ... I saw on RT where Alex was re-tweeting links to this article ... a lot ... (good plan Alex!!) ... ... AND this one ... about the girl ... https://nypost.com/2021/10/27/rookie-rust-armorer-made-nicolas-cage-storm-off-previous-set-after-firing-gun/
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