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  1. Wow ... what a pain having to walk everywhere backwards!!
  2. Try this ... https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/2040057
  3. Ohhhhhh Kaaaaayyyy ... Because of this thread ... I have been looking for these guys for 27 days!!! Today I found them ... Soooooooooo ... I am gonna post them!! (found a bunch of Polaroids too ... wonder how long they last??!?) The real one and the one that got the Captain upset!!
  4. Here is the picture from the pdf file ...
  5. +1 .. I was gonna say!! ... AND ... lots of folks have had un-necessary trouble installing a short stroke kit because they didn't realize their lever was already bent (before they started). I picked up a C&I hardened lever myself ... they don't bend ... ... check out the second page of their SS installation instructions in regard to straightening a bent lever ... http://cowboysandindianstore.com/pdf/C-I short stroke instructions 4-30-14.pdf
  6. Well there you go ... Alex Baldwin said he wanted police on the set from now on to check weapons ... So much for that!! OTOH ... he did rack the slide and look ... and noticed something in there ... bet a cartridge of the wrong caliber was floating around there. Also ... looked like a semi auto handgun ... In 38??
  7. Hmmmmm ... Attack (and try to harm) a man with a loaded gun "even" while you are aware your actions are being recorded ... AND ... you get shot ... ??!?? ... what a bummer ... "The Law of Natural Selection" continues to prey on mankind!!
  8. I think a lot of people who were there (for whatever reason ... protest/riot/loot … or just to have a high profile politician pay their bail) were there because of the media coverage (in the case of looting … simply because there "was" an event). I mean … if you aren't going to get TV coverage … what's the point???! Media coverage = power. Who isn't going to watch looting; buildings burning; vehicles turned over etc etc … This activity provides an endless feed of expert viewpoints with loads of commercials (as they play Three Dog Night - "Momma Told Me Not to Come" in the background on fade in/outs. Death is a deterrent. What the heck?? How did that happen?? What happens when death becomes the norm at these orchestrated events (bussed in trouble makers etc)? Death and a trial have given "this" particular event a lot of extra life.
  9. Haven't seen any actually in stock yet (from EAA as the Akkar Churchill). It was originally imported as a Chas Daly 512. There was a CD512T w/ a 20 inch barrel and screw in chokes ... flat finish barrel etc ... This one is 18 1/2 and some different cosmetics. They are/were very popular ... there was an article in the Chronicle etc ... Here is one of many threads ... https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/303492-charles-daly-512t-coach-gun-first-impressions-and-sporting-clays/ Edit: SB makes some stuff that will fit this gun ... https://sbgwllc.com/product-category/shotgun/charles-daly/
  10. I'm at a loss (could be reading comprehension) after reading the article ... how ... the bank could tell it was a firearm or ammunition transaction. Usually ... I purchase these things via credit card ... AND ... the transaction simply shows money paid to a particular vendor. I have been purchasing 9mm ammo in bulk lately (1000 rounds / 20 boxes) and the credit card statement simply shows money paid to (as an example) Rodgers Sporting Goods. How would they know if I was purchasing bulk ammo or a case of duck decoys?? My most recent pistol purchase shows money paid to a Sporting Goods dealer ... and I paid the receiving FFL in cash. I am missing something somewhere ... perhaps they are going to make the vendors identify such purchases??!?
  11. Yep ... too expensive!! All you have to do is ..... When you get to a match ... and then on the first stage w/ your posse ... You exclaim ... "Oh man ... I forgot to pack all the shotgun shells I just reloaded ... Crap ... I'm not going to be able to shoot today!!" They will fight to get you to take "their" shells ... (you will probably get enough for more than one match). When you run out again ... move to a different posse!!
  12. I was shocked ... Of course something like this "could" restore civility (that we seem to have lost these days) ... from: http://www.onlyknives.com/most-incredible-sword-fights-in-history/3/ >> "Mussolini took offense at Ciccotti's anti-fascist newspaper editorials, and on October 27th, 1921, the two men fought an arduous 14-round bout which lasted one hour and fifteen minutes. Physicians examined Ciccotti's several wounds after the 14th round, and pronounced him unable to continue the fight due to loss of blood, but the two combatants at first agreed to continue the next day with pistols." << You're bleeding out huh???!? OK .. no problem ... we will finish this tomorrow with pistols!! (wow ...).
  13. Of course ... You can never have too much ammo unless you're swimming or on fire ... Easier to conceal too.
  14. Ah ... swords!! An overlooked solution for today's media/politician rudeness perhaps!! Would make for great TV ratings ...
  15. While they are laughing her boyfriend is removing their catalytic converter.
  16. That's pretty good ... What powder are you using for your test?? Low density powders like Red Dot ... Clays etc start getting kinda finicky as you cross below 3 grains ... where something like Titegroup .. Bullseye could care less.
  17. No ... no ... no ... that is so wrong!! It undermines the law of natural selection!!
  18. AND .. not to carry on ... BUT ... They should have given you a receipt that stated what you got (and serial number) ... (not getting what the receipt says would be a good start for a court case). ... BUT ... In the clerk's defense ... if the Uberti had "Colt 45" printed on the top of the barrel ... can the clerk call it a "Colt"?? ... Here you go son ... here is a Colt ... a Colt 45 ... wadda you think of that?? Pretty nice huh?? If the other thing (non-Smith and Wesson) had Smith and Wesson 38 special printed on the barrel ... would he be completely dishonest calling it a Smith and Wesson?? Just sayin'
  19. But wait!! All those name brand guns are so superior ... Are you saying that you couldn't pick up a Colt (even with a blindfold) and immediately know that it was the "real thing"???!? You couldn't pick both up and easily identify the "cheap ... soft metal ... knock off"??? Amazing ... This is gonna go bad for BBQ guns. Gemme your money ... you're getting the best!!!
  20. I'm sure ... soon ... you will be able to call and they will send a mailing label ... or have one of those little robot coolers stop by for pick-ups.
  21. Could be ... On the site listed there is a video w/ more breakout of pricing. ... AND ... Probably so .. since "in the video" they call a hospital and ask for a "ball park" est for a kidney (installed!!) and the doctor states 95K yuan or so ... which would almost be $15K in US dollars. What a deal .. life is cheap ...
  22. The world we live in ... (don't fall asleep at the airport ... register independent) ... https://www.ntd.com/china-prices-officially-listed-for-organ-donations_697709.html
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