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  1. After spending 48 yrs. in the auto industry, I retired on Dec.7,2016, 7 months shy of my 66th birthday. I'll collect Unemployment until then and then collect Social Security and my union pension. I don't miss the job, but I do miss some of the people.

  2. I enjoy reading the keyboard battles that take place on some Youtube videos. If talk could kill, there would be a lot of dead bodies slumped over keyboards with Youtube on the monitors. The SASS site has very good administrators, who keep a close eye on the posts and troublemakers are usually dealt with quickly.

  3. I bought a brace of consecutively numbered SAAs in .45 Colt (4.75 in. barrels) off the SASS classifieds for $2400, 6 yrs ago. The prices seem to fluctuate a lot. It seems to be a right time, right place sort of thing.

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