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  1. Every long range side match shoot I've ever attended allowed sighters with assistance from RO or someone else with a scope. With no sighters, it is simple luck to even get close for most except the most experienced shooters. Wasn't aware there were no sighters. Might just save my ammo......
  2. The carpenter pants with the "folding ruler" pocket on the right leg-rear is perfect to put your loading strip! Remove hammer loop and belt loops. Add suspender buttons.......Good to go and looking sharp! I just bought a few pair at WalMart for $18 a pair....Heavy canvas in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Tan..........
  3. Might be just as cheap to buy a brass frame when they are on saleat Cabelas for $129......Save the good parts and throw the brass frames away.
  4. Here ya go!


    I'm not sure I understand your question about the spring.

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