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  1. Not just Stormtroopers, but the entire GI-Joe team (cartoon series) as well. I remember as a kid literally screaming at the TV "How could you guys #%$@! miss Cobra Commander?!? He was three feet in front of you!!!". Those family-friendly TV shows may have discouraged violence, but they sure taught me to swear.
  2. "Things in your home that should never meet" Well, in the case of a former neighbor of mine a leaking propane tank and a natural gas water heater. I still can't believe nobody got hurt when the entire front half of his house exploded.
  3. If you want to up the intimidation factor sport a Mohawk and wear 50lbs of jewelry. But then again they'll think you can't hit anything.
  4. I agree that looks pretty rinky-dink for a .50 cal.
  5. I had a couple of the old thin-barreled Mini-14s a long time ago. Couldn't hit the side of a barn with them. I hear the new ones with the thicker barrel are much better.
  6. Always. Wear. Safety. Glasses. .
  7. From the standpoint of historical accuracy I believe Kevin Costner came the closest to portraying the real Wyatt Earp. Everything I read says that Earp had a personality like a cold fish... just like Costner. Unfortunately the movie itself was pretty bland and ran too long. Tombstone is obviously as much Hollywood as history, but I agree the actors were far more entertaining to watch. While everybody loves Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday, Dennis Quaid got the best movie line. When one of the cowboys threatened him and said "I'll be seeing you..." he replied "Seeing you would be a welcom
  8. Unfortunately the general public has a very short attention span, and once we'd "done" the Moon too few people saw any reason to keep spending money to go back there. The entire space program is often very frustrating for the folks at NASA and elsewhere, because unless they can keep up the dog and pony show it's hard to keep the public sufficiently interested to allow continued funding. That's why they stuck that poor teacher Christa McAuliffe on the Space Shuttle, just to keep up the interest in the shuttle program (boy, did that work out well). Of course, even after the shuttle program resum
  9. I just picked up a whopping 250 rounds of Aguila .22LR for $22 (1 box limit). Sad to think that's actually a good deal right now.
  10. Personally I think it's ridiculous to think about sending people to Mars before we've even made it routine to go to the Moon.
  11. This is 100% guaranteed to put the liberals' attempts to stack the court on the front burner.
  12. Good job finding some percussion caps. I haven't found any for sale locally since last summer.
  13. There are countries such as Spain where it's illegal for civilians to use human silhouette targets or do any sort of action or combat-style shooting. Slow fire at bullseye targets only. It's only a matter of time before the anti-gunners here start making the claim that action shooting breeds trained killers.
  14. Either of the three will do the job. Personally I own the M17, and while I was a bit ambivalent about it at first I can tell you it's a very sweet-shooting pistol. The only negative I found is that the heat from firing it transfers to the trigger after awhile. I've always been a Beretta 92 fan, and I like the M9A3 although I don't own one. I dislike Glocks, but that's a personal prejudice.
  15. The AK-47. It completely reshaped the world map, for better or worse.
  16. Actually when I saw it my first thought was that some folks might not like the interpretation of Daffy.
  17. USA - Colt , S&W, Ruger, Winchester, SIG, Marlin, Remington, Mossberg, Remington-Rand, Walther, Kel-Tec, Jennings, NAA Germany - Mauser Austria - Glock Italy - Beretta, Uberti Brazil - Rossi Spain - Llama Belgium - Browning ...and one that's half Polish (AKMS). .
  18. I used to buy nothing but used cars as I could never afford a new one. Unfortunately people simply do not take very good care of their vehicles, and by the time I'd be looking at it on the used car lot ten years later the engine would be prematurely shot. Once I even bought a used truck where the dealer had put sawdust in the crankcase to stop it from blowing oil long enough to trick a sucker (me) into buying it. In the end you're better off buying new, or else leasing it if you're the kind who likes to switch rides every few years. If you do buy used, then get one that's only 2-3 years old th
  19. Car dealers don't make much money on the cars themselves. They make it off the crap you just mentioned.
  20. I'd like to know where all the good gunsmiths have gone. You know, the ones who could make you a new set of sights from scratch or do a professional polish and reblue. Everybody nowadays only knows how to slap together an AR or spray Cerakote on everything.
  21. Don't you just hate it when you want to check out a ride, but you can't catch up to it because all the idiots in your lane suddenly decide to slow down?
  22. I don't care as long as they find lots of brass, copper and lead for ammo.
  23. The Oregon permit is hard to get if you're out of state. Supposedly if you apply to one of the small-town sheriffs they'll let it go through, but for the most part if you're not a resident you're out of luck.
  24. There used to be a couple of really good electronics repair stores near me. Both went out of business about ten years ago. Nobody is going to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a stereo receiver when you can buy a new one for what the repair would cost. There are still appliance repairmen out there, but they are ridiculously expensive as well. I saved myself the cost of a service call on my dryer by searching YouTube for videos on how to diagnose my problem. Sure enough, there was a video there that pinpointed my exact issue, and I bought a new circuit board off of eBay and installed i
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