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  1. Can you imagine being the worker putting the last of those stones in place, and the foreman runs up and says "Wait, hold on a minute! The preist says we're about 100 yards off-target and and need to move this whole thing..."
  2. They're really popular in Russia. Go on YouTube and watch all the footage of people deliberately leaping onto drivers' hoods pretending that they got hit while crossing the street.
  3. Not necessarily. Being an actor doesn't mean you endorse the mindset of your character. We all remember Archie Bunker, right? Well Carrol O' Conner was actually a staunch liberal. Sylvester Stallone playing Rambo by itself shouldn't matter whether he's pro or anti-gun, but the fact that he is a gun enthusiast (he has a large collection and his own private gun range) yet is a vocal supporter of the Brady campaign is what makes him a hypocrite.
  4. I paid $750 for my '43 Inland post-war rebuild back in the early 2000s. From the sounds of it I didn't pay too much money... I just bought it a little too early!
  5. All my local FFLs charge a transfer fee regardless of whether a gun is going out or coming in.
  6. All the whinin' and complainin' the past few weeks about how overpriced they were, and yet...
  7. Walmart stopped selling handgun and EBR ammo, but they still sell .22 rimfire, shotgun shells and hunting rifle ammo.
  8. John Wayne represented a romanticized version of the Old West. Clint Eastwood portrayed its grittier, darker side. I agree they would've been like oil and water together.
  9. I think Cyrus had one of those red light pen thingies flashed in his face. I'm with Forty Rod on this one. The universe is at least 13 billion years old, and like Carl Sagan said there are beellions and beellions of planets out there. And we are supposed to think that intelligent life has existed only on this one planet, and only in the last 10,000 years? In my view there is no question that life does or at least has existed elsewhere. The only question is whether they're smart enough to build spaceships capable of traveling this far without having at least one software glitch.
  10. I've had to deal with FFLs who refused to ship C&R eligible firearms to me, so it's not just the issue with receiving guns from individuals. Many FFLs simply don't know the laws well enough and they'd rather be safe than sorry. The last guy I talked to wouldn't take my C&R at first, but after I showed him that only California has a prohibition against C&R holders he finally agreed. I've sent a few guns directly to FFLs and been refused a few times as well. When I'm refused I make the buyer of the firearm cover my local FFL's transfer fee since I refuse to get dinged for
  11. If I ever see a vehicle with a cow catcher THAT big and a plate saying "Ammo45" in my rearview mirror I'm moving the hell over!
  12. I see they took Yosemite Sam's guns away from him as well. WB can go kiss my W.B..
  13. It's pretty much impossible that they could be products of another nation, as they have shown to be capable of doing things that according to our understanding of Newton's physics cannot be done. Personally I don't believe they're actually crewed by aliens either, as any life form inside them would have to be capable of withstanding incredible G-forces without getting so much as dizzy. If anything they're unmanned (unaliened?) probes, much like our Voyagers but FAR more advanced.
  14. I'd have been more impressed if he didn't have three guys with parachutes helping to guide him down, and being there to grab him if he started to mess up. Yeah, if you're going to do something crazy BE CRAZY!!!
  15. Well if there's one thing we learned from watching nine Star Wars movies... no matter how big the galaxy is, everyone is still related.
  16. Well, she kissed him good and proper in Empire Strikes Back while on the ice planet.
  17. California will only get worse... and other states will follow their stellar example. 50 years from now nobody with any sense will want to live in this country.
  18. It only proves that Star Wars actually COULD be realistic.
  19. High capacity is an arbitrary figure. The gunman could've used CA-legal 10-rounders and it would've made absolutely no difference. Emperor Cuomo in New York tried to make the limit there only 7 rounds, until a court blocked it. So what's next? A 5-round limit? Three? No repeating firearms at all?
  20. I did something even more stoopid, and gun-related to boot. I was cleaning my 1851 Navy and tried to stick the wedge back in without taking the time to remove the screw first (hey, I got it out without removing it). I slipped and put a nice scratch right across the barrel. When I was a kid my dad gave me a lecture about the price of being impatient, but I guess I never listened.
  21. Why is an American eagle clutching an AK-47??? It's supposed to be an AR-15, man! .
  22. That is all true, but then a bill was introduced this year to make those same semi-auto "assault rifles" illegal. ALL of them.
  23. If they get their way we'll all be forced to use single-shots or muzzleloaders in the near future.
  24. Well, according to WA state ALL semi-automatic rifles are considered assault rifles regardless of caliber, capacity or feeding system. Even my tube-fed .22LR Marlin Model 60 is one. It took me a month to finally bring it home thanks to the additional red tape I had to go through to buy it.
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