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  1. Simple answer. Bu11 $#it ! Just Sayin. Rooster
  2. I have 1 - 1860 44-40 1 - 1866 44 special 3 - 1873's 44 Special 2 - 92's 44 Mag 2 - Marlin 44 Mag 1 - 94 44 Mag 1 - Henry BB 44 Mag And I'm still on the bottom of the list and shoot them all about the same speed . I have to say . I prefer the 92 44mag shooting loaded long 44 special's .
  3. Best 9mm Price I have seen in the last few weeks have been . Blazer Brass 14.99 Dunhams
  4. I have gotten to the point . I cast and load everything I shoot except 22. I hope the scalpers die with all the ammo they went in and bought up. Gun people robbing gun people!
  5. That's a Grandma who needs to take up baking lol
  6. Wow . You gòt more views then . Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee ! Lol
  7. Hay Phantom. Every time I read one of your comments. I tried to offend you with a comment back . But you was already band off the Wire again . PS. Your the only Pard I know who has been band more then me lol
  8. I have gotten to the point . I cast and load everything I shoot except 22. I hope the scalpers die with all the ammo they went in and bought up. Gun people robbing gun people!
  9. 100% Spot on . Phantom & Coffinmaker both are giving you the best information your going to find here . I would recommend Buds gun shop or Lipsy's Rooster
  10. I'm a Dog Man myself. I like dogs more then most people. And dogs are usually a better judge of caricature then people. I had a buddy back in the day . We used to drink together after we finished our Third shift . I have always been a German Shepherd Man Sence I was 5 years old . My Dog Tom hated Corey with a passion. No matter if I let him in the garage and he went back out . Tom would Not let him back in . Corey said to me one day . Bro that is one stupid dog . I said No bro ! He is smarter then You & I . He knows something is wrong with you and I'm not seeing it yet . It did not take all that long to find out Corey we a real peace of work. Any way Gatway Kid . If I have not offended you Yet . Don't take it personal. It's Coming ! PS. Have a beer on my tab .
  11. Things going on around the world. And Company's being bought and sold ? Things might start looking very dim in the ammo department again.
  12. I have been using a Lee load all for about 30 years loading BP shotgun loads . It works just fine . I have been loading Cartridges on a Lee single stage press for over 30 years . I moved up to a Lee three hole single stage Turret press about 10 or 12 years ago and also still use the single stage press regularly for all different kinds of things . I have a Mec-jr I load smokeless shotgun on . With zero issues . Lee products are great stuff to start with and or stay with . I have nothing bad to say about Lee products. Not everyone need a 73 rifle to enjoy this game . Many of us started out with a 92 . And It works just fine. No need to upgrade when what you have works for you . So if your Lee equipment works for you . Run with what you brung to the dance . No upgrade needed here ! So Saith The Rooster
  13. The older I get . The better I was . Life is a matter of how you choose to look a things . You can have a half Empty glass of beer or You can have a half Full glass of beer . I say as long as Joe is Buying I will just have another Beer ! Cheers
  14. And It all began. And we got to the point of the Biden Administration ! And the wheels fell off the Bus .
  15. Beers all around ! Subdeacon Joe is Buying Thanks Pard . God bless . Rooster
  16. I just have to say . I'm sure I ment what ever I said and I'm not sorry . Have a great 2024 . And let the game begin !
  17. That's not a bad price today ! With the work already done to it. A New Rossi is now selling for 800 and still needs to be worked on . Just Sayin
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