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  1. Interesting, but I am no machinist or home hobbyist. Anybody know who could do this sort of work (how much?)?
  2. That's worth looking into. thanks.
  3. Light hits when going fast. What is the fix (not a firing pin/ignition problem)? thanks, BB
  4. I'm no expert, but doesn't the .45 acp cartridge rattle around in the chamber because it is shorter then .45 colt? What changes exactly doe the conversion make? Thanks, BB
  5. Hi, Will this help detonate primers? Check out Pioneer Gun Works for details.
  6. Said I emailed S&B USA and surprise: got a reply. Here it is: SB Dvořák <dvorakj@sellier-bellot.cz> Mon, Dec 7, 11:59 PM (6 hours ago) to me Hi Mike, we do not ship our primers to US anymore. We have no intention to do that.... With regards, Josef Dvorak Export Manager So, forget about S&B primers.
  7. Okay, explosion in 2015 killed 3. Probably why there are not a lot of primer manufacturers. (The Czechs are no dummies, by the way: think of the excellence of CZ pistols-rifles and the fact that the very best of the Warsaw Pact weapons were made by the Czechs). S&B has a USA website with primers listed as one of their products. Emailed them asking where I can buy large pistol primers. Doubt if I will get a response, but no harm in trying.
  8. Hi, some discussion going on about these primers re. similarity to Federal. is this so? if so, why isn't someone importing these? thanks, BB
  9. Hi, Like the other poster, can't find American Select for a decent price. Can I substitute Clays in similar charge weights (STS hull, 3/4 oz. shot, pink wad). Thanks, BB
  10. Okay, good to know. Who else does this?
  11. Hi, Makes a .45 ACP Marlin 1894 conversion. Anybody ever see one of these? -BB
  12. What's on your mind?

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