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  1. hi, 3 clubs locally, S. California, have Pike class every match. 1911s load w. 5 rds. No issues. WB shooters are bunched together in posses. No problem w. ROs clearing 1911s (what's hard about that?, same as USPSA or action pistol and most ROs are experienced semi-automatic shooters). An old timer who used to shoot with us claimed that the Wild Bunch category was originally set up to shoot alongside regular SASS shooters (thus the 5 rd. magazine rule). Anybody know if that is true? Anyhow, Pike/SASS works great, no problems.
  2. Anybody know gunsmith who could slick one up?
  3. Looking for SASS double options. Is this gun okay? Seems like it should work.
  4. Per my previous post, the Ithaca NIB is out (has the same center locking bar as the Stevens apparently). Are there any old doubles that would work as well as some of the moderns?
  5. Opinions as to okay for SASS shooting?
  6. Turkish made, apparently, some lousy reviews. Any experience with these?
  7. Interesting, but I am no machinist or home hobbyist. Anybody know who could do this sort of work (how much?)?
  8. That's worth looking into. thanks.
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