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  1. Yes, I do that and it is good practice; but it doesn't help cure my problem of jacking rounds. Incidentally, I will share this: I purchased .45 colt quick draw cartridges used to power wax bullets by a shotgun primer which press fits into the cartridge. I make 1/8 cuts around the circumference of the end and bend the bits inward to simulate a bullet: the rifle cycles these every time without fail. Of course this stops the clock ( I have a good supply of 209's. but am really short on Federal large). So far I have used this method for timing the act of grabbing of the
  2. Good point; but often while shooting a match, I can "feel" a jacked round as it happens.
  3. yes, well the idea is to run the rounds thru the gun so the extractor would have to function
  4. Will this damage the gun, the extractor specifically? thanks, bb
  5. Banjo Bob


    Anyone able to explain this site to me? Is it some sort of sick joke or what? Maybe no one has told Gunbot that Butch's Reloading (their favorite vendor) is out of stock on everything yet they keep listing this place as ready to ship.
  6. hi, 3 clubs locally, S. California, have Pike class every match. 1911s load w. 5 rds. No issues. WB shooters are bunched together in posses. No problem w. ROs clearing 1911s (what's hard about that?, same as USPSA or action pistol and most ROs are experienced semi-automatic shooters). An old timer who used to shoot with us claimed that the Wild Bunch category was originally set up to shoot alongside regular SASS shooters (thus the 5 rd. magazine rule). Anybody know if that is true? Anyhow, Pike/SASS works great, no problems.
  7. Anybody know gunsmith who could slick one up?
  8. Looking for SASS double options. Is this gun okay? Seems like it should work.
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