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  1. No problem. I didn't know if you really didn't know who he was. Some people weren't Country fans back then.
  2. You say that the firing pin is integral on the hammer? What are the chances that you could remove the hammer from the frame, and just peen the end of it just enough to lengthen it enough to work?
  3. I don't know anything about this gun, but given its age, it might be that the firing pin has been worn down a few thousands of an inch. Shimming it back might cause clearance issues.
  4. Hey Forty, post a link to the setup you have. Maybe somebody here can help you through it that way.
  5. I still use Google. BUT, I also have several Extensions added to stop ads. AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Ads Killer, and IObit Surfing Protection. I don't get ads. EVER. Not even on youtube. The best part: They're all free!
  6. As I said before, it means no white, heterosexual men.
  7. I'm already fat. That's why the girl wouldn't have anything to do with me. I might as well get the pleasure out of eating the Oreo.
  8. One thing they've done here is put small labels with the last name of anybody who gets mail here on the inside of the door of the box. When I told him about that other address' mail coming here he looked at the names, and we never got any more of their mail.
  9. The street I live on is Alto Pl. Every year we get Christmas deliveries for somebody at the same number on Los Altos Ave., but even a different Zip Code. My mailman and I have a "How are you today" relationship since if I see him across the street I sometimes get out there to collect the mail from him. So I met him at the box, showed him the incorrect mail and let him take it from there.
  10. I seem to remember that the league said that it was okay and that most owners didn't want to get into it with their players. As for it being over, that may be, but unless and until the league itself, and every single one of those overpaid, spoiled and pampered jackasses stands up and makes an apology to the fans and the country that allowed the opportunity to make their millions playing a GAME for showing such disrespect to them and it, I won't be over IT. Since I'm not, never have been, and never will be a fan, I'm sure that my opinion means nothing to those who are, but that's my stance on the subject.
  11. I suppose that it's not fashionable anymore, or perhaps been overdone to the point that it wouldn't make the headlines that the kneelers would like. Either way, (and once again, I have NO interest in football), the fact that the league allowed this to go on, did nothing to try to stop it, and not only did not denounce it but said that it was okay would be the reason I would continue to have a problem with them.
  12. The difference is that I could DO something with the Oreo.
  13. This seems to be a common theme. What I can't understand about the league, (or Disney et al), is why they continue to do this. It HAS to have hurt them financially. Are there so many sports fans out there that are more into sports than the things that make this country great? My Father was a HUGE sports fan. He watched so much sports that it drove me away from it. But I can't imagine that he would keep watching through all this.
  14. You've never given any reason to think that you do not.
  15. Not quite. No white male heterosexauls allowed. That way they include everybody. Except the people that actually accomplish anything.
  16. Only the base needs a line. The others don't. Just a power source.
  17. I don't give anybody my cell phone number. When I'm at home, I use the landline. My cell phone sits on my dresser in my bedroom. I don't need it at home because I HAVE a landline. The only people that need to get ahold of me when I'm not home are my wife or daughter. Everything and everybody else can wait until I get home.
  18. I'll give you the first part, but I'll fight anybody who DOESN'T show you the respect you deserve.
  19. You mean somebody couldn't get HIM put back together?
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