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  1. Be kind of pointless.. with no top. OR doors.
  2. Roy Rogers was my childhood hero. But there are plenty of heroes out there today. They aren't on TV or in the movies anymore, but they live in all of US! When you help somebody who needs it just because it's right, it's you. Any time you do or say something positive for someone, it's you. We can, and should strive to do Good and pass it along whenever we can. We can be the positive influence that others might need these days. We don't always wear a Cowboy hat and carry a pair of six guns in a fancy buscadero rig, but we CAN try to remember those that did, and the influence that they had on us. Show others Good by being Good. It won't always help, and if it DOES, we might not always know it, but as long as we TRY, our heroes will never die.
  3. Sounds like somebody replaced the air filter and forgot to unwrap it!
  4. Haven't received mail yet, but it's still early. I know that the banks are closed today.
  5. The flip phone I have, as well as my previous one, (I only stopped using it because it was a 3G phone) would hold several hundred pics. I can send them to my email using text.
  6. Quite true. I merely mentioned it only because MY flip phone stores a LOT of numbers. Every flip phone I've ever had did so.
  7. My friend had a Tracfone. Looked like any other smartphone to me. It did everything you'd expect one to do. I, on the other hand, still use a flip phone. I holds more numbers than I need, it has a camera, I can check my emule on it, I don't know if it has GPS because I can read a map. I use it for a phone. I don't have my entire life tied up in it. If you notice, Gibbs has a flip phone right up until the end, and he did fine with it.
  8. I absolutely HATE the 6000k LEDs. 4500 - 5000 are good for me. So naturally, almost all automotive LEDs are 6000k. I had LEDs on my Jeep, but replaced them with halogens. The 6000k light makes everything look like the brightness is up too high on the world. For indoor lighting, I get the "Soft White" version.
  9. Too true. I just remember seeing this somewhere else and that it's supposed to be Armstrong. And growing up in Ohio was one of the reasons I now live in Arizona. I wanted out so much I enlisted in the Marine Corps.
  10. It's supposed to be Neil Armstrong. Who was from Ohio. I don't know why the gun, though.
  11. I had an Alpoesque moment a bit ago. Somehow the Beach Boys song popped into my head. Most of us here are old enough to remember when it was playing on the radio. The Alpoesque part comes when I think that they were might have been talking about a woman YOUNGER than many of us here. Go Granny go indeed!
  12. From P.O.O.P #2 to P.O.O.P. #1, get better. Edit: I've lost two long time friends this year. I don't want to lose any more, and even though we've never met, I consider Forty a friend.
  13. This one shows military flights. It doesn't give all the info, but they show up. www.flightradar24.com
  14. To be brutally honest, if they're ONLY shooting each other, I say back off and let them.
  15. Remember the Old Chinese Curse: "May you live in interesting times."
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