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  1. I find that I don't NEED any of that on my phone. I can check the weather before I leave the house. Same with maps, OR take my Atlas, (GASP), with me, and there's nothing I need to do on the internet while I'm out and about. This Forum is the closest thing I have to social media, and I can wait until I get home to look at it. I'm pretty sure that nobody's going to email me anything that can't wait either. I don't have a problem with technology per say, (I LOVE my DVR), but I refuse to be a slave to it.
  2. When I retired last August, I got a smartphone. It's apparently smarter than I am. I just went back to a flip phone, and I don't see much reason to change. Sometimes I DON'T carry it. I'm sure that the technology is great, I just don't need it. And I still have a landline.
  3. I've seen a couple reviews on these. It's like a modern rendition of the old High Standard Double 9. The reviews were positive.
  4. I can say no more than the others have, except, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday".
  5. A big Ace Hardware will have then in singles. I don't know about Hobby Lobby, but Tandy doesn't carry the Dot fasteners.
  6. I'm not disagreeing on any particular point. Perhaps I should say that I6 engines are designed to produce more torque than a V6 of the same displacement and HP. And you are quite correct about the durability of the I6, there are plenty of Jeep 4.0 engines that are well on their way to 300,000 miles.
  7. About 3200 at 70 in 4th, if I remember right. Overdrive seems to get HOT, but at 70 in overdrive It did the same.
  8. Inline engines tend to make better torque that a V engine of the same cu.in. Since Jeep doesn't make a small vehicle, (the JK is much bigger than the TJ), whether there is something better is moot. There are stroker kits to upgrade the 4.0 to 4.7, as well as turbos and superchargers, but I don't know whether they're better.
  9. Basically, by the early 2000s the engineers Jeep had wrung as much power as they could get out of the 4.0, within emission restrictions. The had to start fresh, so they went with the V6, since that was what was popular. I have a 2002 TJ with the 4.0 and a 5 speed, and while it gets up and goes, it gets lousy mileage. 14MPH city, 12MPH highway. Nobody has been able to explain THAT one to me.
  10. My favorite Carson memory: Carson was coming out to do his "Carnac the Magnificent" routine. When he did this, he always added a little "trip over his own feet" into it, and stumbled into his desk. This particular night, unbeknownst to Carson, or anybody else but Ed, the crew had replaced his regular desk with a repro made from BALSA WOOD! It absolutely exploded when he fell into it! He loved it!
  11. I had similar feeding problems in my .357 Rossi until I installed a metal follower. Also, take a good look through the mag tube and make sure there aren't any dents in it.
  12. What calibers are you seeing? And how about pricing?
  13. That wouldn't help. The cylinder is rotating, it's not being stopped. The bolt spring does that.
  14. Are we now saying that Windows 10 is a GOOD system? Every time I've asked about it, I get LOTS of negative comments.
  15. A couple thoughts: Rossi makes their 92 in .38/.357, .44Spl/.44Mag, and .45Colt. Unless the rim stops it, and you already said that 9 would fit, ten should work. If they can work with Spl and Mags, in the other calibers, the .45 should do the same. WITH the caveat that the actions can be OAL finicky. Rossi uses the same magazine spring for all barrel lengths. So your 16" barreled rifle actually has the same spring that a 24" barreled rifle would. That means that the spring, as someone else posted, is "stacking", that is bottoming out on itself, taking up space in the magazine tube it doesn't need to. I would cut a few coils off until ten rounds fit. The other thing I have found on my .357 Rossi, is that reducing the ejector spring length allowed some "give" for lack of a better term" in it so that it didn't push the cartridges as hard during cycling, and so allowed for easier feeding. Before I did that, I had numerous feeding problems. Now I don't. Good luck!
  16. For starters, As for me, I have a S&W 625, .45ACP with Herrett Shooting star grips. Not real customized, but the grips are for a square butt and the gun is a round butt. I had to cut and glue some pieces to fill the gap. Then there is a Taurus 85 I have: Not particularly custom, you say, well except for the fact that it started life as a 2" barrel, yeah. Oh, all my Taurus 85s have grips that are cut down from the old "banana" grips: Finally there is "Bigmouth", my EDC 1911. Started out as a stock Norinco. Now, he has a target trigger, Commander hammer to go with the Beavertail safety, which you may note is stainless. As are the extended thumb safety, slide release, mag button, as well as the accurizer barrel bushing. Topping him off is Wilson rear sight, AND Black Oxide finish for the frame and slide. Oh, I forgot to mention the poly ivory grips with a scrimshawed DRAGON held on with stainless grip screws.
  17. Stand by to stand by for a definite tentative possible maybe with changes to follow. Here's one for Forty Rod and the other old Marines: Green side out, brown side out. Run in circles, scream and shout.
  18. I just happened to see this last week on these guns. Thompson 1911 Auto-Ordnance .45 ACP Shooting Review "Warning - Terrible Pistol" Pre-Kahr Thompson Auto-Ordnance 1911 .45 - Did I Fix My Misfire Problem?
  19. Shatner's latest seems to be about some CPap machine. At least he isn't on every ten minutes. This is when I love my DVR. If I'm watching something recorded, I can fast forward through it. If I'm watching live T.V., I can pause it, wait 1 minute, and fast forward through it.
  20. It's worth that much if somebody will pay that much.
  21. No, it's just another round of stupidity. The anti-cop movement hasn't made much news lately, what with the "Defund the Police" cities finding out that it's a Bad Idea, and moving the other way. So "DING DING!" Round 2.
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