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  1. I still refuse to use self checkout unless I only have a couple items AND the cashiers are busy. I tend to rearrange my items anyway, because I have Cold Bags that I put my cold stuff in. Plus I have limited cargo room in my Jeep.The advantage of my system is that I just carry the crates inside when I get home. As for my milk or any other jugs of liquid, if they ask me if I want them in a bag, I tell them "No, just leave it in the jug."
  2. Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy was a much better album.
  3. Not to offend anybody, but I just don't like cats. Now I've known individual cats that I got on with, but as a species I don't care for them. I suppose the thing I dislike the most is that too many people "have" cats that just run loose. My dogs see them out the window, or out IN my backyard when I let the dogs out, and they go nuts. That and the ones that climb into my Jeep and Pee on the seats when the top is off. Now dogs, I LOVE dogs. I've had dogs my entire adult life, as many as six at one time, and as few as two. Right now we're down to two, and don't plan on getting any more. But we said THAT before.
  4. For me the most annoying are Lose and Loose, with Advise and Advice a close second.
  5. I always figure if things already went that well, I've probably used up the good luck I had.
  6. However if you're in your own home and shoot a drug crazed burglar with a legally owned firearm, you'll probably be crucified.
  7. Here's a couple on Amazon which might do what you want: https://www.amazon.com/ENSTER-Security-Wireless-Detection-Waterproof/dp/B0BWTKB871/ref=sr_1_7?crid=NPA2R1FAA49C&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.2AIdpXiJImVRaSABIa80_RcOFc4MaLRhih8wI8rNreywgBoZBiFsbrXiynxZfHdfXvEqwdhvmXJo-_kK-6oBVgeyMFqPw4xfDGsKvVjMQn-m5RTI0jQgtZt96L4P9gWA1TOR6kHgbEqc9qJ_a7nGLPZIH81n499R0iMEF6BURBKyEPrgBZweVBiSonC70IkUolUlKb5hFcE4v9U_aNizgOzMmB8d1Kj2KQ-l1k_UV50.08PAh68G0EEFD7NpdYn_dMg-aWEx2Xu-g00P7UhsatQ&dib_tag=se&keywords=outside+floodlight+with+security+camera+solar+power&qid=1720036695&sprefix=Outside+Floodlights+with+camera.%2Caps%2C256&sr=8-7 https://www.amazon.com/eufy-Security-Activated-Detection-Waterproof/dp/B0CJBT3MN3/ref=sr_1_44?crid=NPA2R1FAA49C&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.-3Gx05Pm1Bvw8KAPwXbh6O9mRWduo3PgfLxZT2tqF1xSJcHMCKWehJl3t_ELQpszkyl2S5v6m-l0lJiBNtEKqmL4XTwxzU0BY_Tu_N1hxN2ncqcjjRvrpYFQfdPBBBNvscSwBKlcqOgvBwBeMUn4BPcWu1CfAGqWh8uQ7HrparzhCbxgz3yvr4Drs2-f8deb.r7J61farURuhsHkh5pEM-aUlszu4BtMsyRwCap-0JKQ&dib_tag=se&keywords=outside+floodlight+with+security+camera+solar+power&qid=1720036875&sprefix=Outside+Floodlights+with+camera.%2Caps%2C256&sr=8-44
  8. One of my deployments as a young Marine was a cruise to Norway. I was in an OV 10 squadron, and we were transported on a LHA, a Helicopter Landing Craft that looks like a small Aircraft Carrier, but lacks Catapult or Arresting Gear. An OV 10 can take off from one, but must be lifted back on by crane or helo. Also on the ship was a Helicopter squadron, HMA 362. They had the latest CH 53 aircraft, the first to be outfitted with three engines. This was their first deployment with these helos. The deployment went fine right up until we were staging to reboard the ship. Our OV 10s were lined up outside a hanger on the Norwegian Air Base we had flown out of, waiting for the helos to lift them back on the ship. Our pilots had just gotten out of their aircraft when one of the helos rolled by, but misjudged his distance to the hanger. His rotor blades hit the hanger, tearing it and themselves apart, sending debris all up and down the flightline, hitting two of our aircraft. A couple of the pilots barely missed getting with the shrapnel, and one of the just vacated pilot's seats was torn up pretty badly. Since they weren't going to be flying until we got back stateside, there wasn't an urgent need to repair them, so they were lifted back onto the ship for examination of the damage so that Repair orders could be made, and parts could be ordered for when we got back. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER. Back Stateside, when they were helo lifting the damaged aircraft off the ship, a lifting cable got tangled on the hook causing the aircraft to tilt at an angle, and start spinning under the helo. Instead of setting the OV 10 back on the deck, they DROPPED IT INTO THE OCEAN!!! This was a Norfolk Naval Station, and we were going to be on board for a few more days while we sailed down to North Carolina. There was to be an "Open House" on the ship when we got back, so we hatched a plan. We cut out a silhouette of an OV 10, and the night before the Open House, I sneaked out on deck to the helos, (having determined where the particular helos that did the damage were parked during the day), and spray painted the silhouettes in white on the OD Green helos for all the world to see the next day. There was an Investigation of course, but "nobody" saw anything and "nobody" knew anything, so nothing came of it. But a bunch of Senior Officers saw it and were not pleased.
  9. Well my old boss used to tell me I was the best bullshipper he had.
  10. NOOO! Now I'm a TAURUS! I really don't know what it means though. I used to tell people that being a Gemini meant I had a split personality, and if you don't like THIS one, you REALLY won't like the other one.
  11. If it makes you feel any better, nobody but nerds like Subdeacon Joe are going to read about it anyway.
  12. Agreed. I like simple plots, (maybe because I'M simple), without a lot of back room subterfuge. If you look back into the early '60s, a lot of shows ran a 35 episode season.
  13. I'm not sure WHERE I am. The website won't even let me read the article! But as long as they don't mess with my Biorhythms, I'm okay.
  14. And this is only part one of four! Each one a three hour chapter.
  15. My Mom, (from Columbus) used to pronounce Hawaii Ha WOY a.
  16. As much as you post, you wouldn't have time to do much else. But I appreciated the image, and the sentiment behind it.
  17. If it were a boxing match, the two "refs" would have been trying to hold Trump down so that Biden could hit him.
  18. I have two pistols that I keep loaded magazines for. My 1911, Bigmouth, that's my EDC, One inserted, one in my back pocket, and two more in a mag pouch on my dresser. Eight rounds in all. The other is a Star Firestar that rides in a lockbox under the driver's seat of my Jeep. One inserted, two more in a mag pouch also in the lockbox. Seven rounds, "full), in all.
  19. YES! Either chili, goulash, or my spaghetti!
  20. Quite correct. It was referred to as "The Arab Oil Embargo". We were getting so much of our oil from OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) that they decided to artificially raise prices by cutting our supply.
  21. I frequently here Tucson, (properly pronounced Too sahn), pronounced Tuck sun. When I do, I correct the speaker. In Massachusetts, there is a town called Worcester. In Ohio, there is a town called Wooster. They're both pronounced the same. Hint: Ohio pronounces it correctly, the way it's spelled.
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