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  1. Before I retired, my company phone was with AT&T. It didn't get coverage in a lot of places. Additionally, it would sometimes NOT take calls, (when I talked to the caller later, he would tell me that he called, but I never received it). Sometimes I would not receive texts or voicemails until several days had passed. 

    On the other hand, I haven't had those problems with Verizon, even while on a cross country roadtrip. Not to mention that Verizon has an Old Guy plan which has discounted rates for Seasoned Citizens.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Excess to the point of obsession  in anything is bad. Be it sports, politics, food, cleaning, etc.  But that doesn't make those things in themselves bad.


    What I'm reading into your posts on this thread is, "Because of these statistically few outliers by a tiny portion of sports fans, sports are bad."

    I'm absolutely NOT saying that sports are bad. I'm just saying that in the grand scheme of things, unless they are your livelihood, they just aren't that important.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Me either but then again I've never had anyone want to fight me over the outcome of a game of any kind either. Too bad that happened to you!

    How about the riots back in the 70s over the OSU vs Michigan games? A few years ago, the U of A fans did the same thing here in Tucson. It's happened lots of other places too. I know that I'm going to extremes here, but some people just take these things too seriously.

    I know that you have love for the games, and that's fine. You don't go out and break windows or set fires when your team loses. These people do.

    When people live their live around something that they are only participating in vicariously, I just think it's a bit much. And yes, I'm also talking about Star Wars, Star Trek, and whatever people go nuts over.

    And just for the record, I like Star Trek. I'm anxiously waiting for the new episodes of "Strange New Worlds" to be released. But I'm NOT wearing a Star Trek uniform shirt. I USED to like Star Wars too, at least before Disney started ruining it. Still a fan of the first trilogy.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    It's only as important as an entertainment venue like movies, concerts, plays, TV etc. I enjoy watching baseball and football especially when they're good games.

    I've never had anybody want to fight me over the outcome of a movie.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Rip Snorter said:

    Disagree in part.  Obviously, Education is most critical, but sports are an important aspect of the learning process.  Two grown kids who learned about working and winning.  Both in professional fields, both played Big 10 sports and have Championship Rings.  I believe their career success is based in part on what they learned about work and outcomes  playing sports.

    Participating in sports is fine. Getting fanatical about a team is not. IMHO.

    I've told this one before. When I was stationed in NAS South Weymouth Mass, whenever the Reserves were in, all one had to do was COMMENT that the Red Sox, Celtics, or Patriots had lost their game last night to have at LEAST two guys jump up SCREAMING obscenities ready to fight about it.:o

    At my first marriage, my Best Man and I had to go find the Preacher to perform the ceremony. He's forgotten that he was supposed to marry us because he was watching an OSU football game. :wacko:That's a bit much, again IMHO.

  6. 53 minutes ago, The Shoer 27979 said:

    I once said here in the saloon, that I did not want anybody on my jury that was not smart enough to get out of jury duty. I forgot who it was now but they thought I was the worst person in the world. I don't think I ever said I would not do jury duty or anything like that just if you are not smart enough

    The only reason I ever tried to get out of Jury Duty was because of work. I couldn't afford to miss the time. I actually did serve on one Jury. They even made me Foreman. Now that I'm retired, I wouldn't mind it,

  7. 9 hours ago, watab kid said:

    might adjust a lot of thinking in this messed up world we are seeing , there doesnt seem to be a lot of consequences these days for those that do wrong - almost like they are being encouraged 

    Encouraged He!!, they're getting elected to office!:angry:

  8. One of the times I was called was a high profile murder trial. They gave us a questionnaire to fill out. When it got to the part about hobbies, group memberships, and other activities, I put down that I was a member of the NRA, Gun Owners, of America, the Single Action Shooting Society, and a follower of Rush Limbaugh. Never heard back from them.     

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    I'm limited to six rounds because I can't find a decent way to carry reloads that isn't as bulky as breadbox.  I do carry a dozen loose rounds but that's SLOW!

    I carry my reloads in a Speed Strip in the watch pocket of my jeans. Not fast, but faster than loose in a pocket.

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  10. From Ammoland.



    Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2023/01/henry-rifles-first-semi-auto-the-9mm-homesteader/#ixzz7rDzAjjE4
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
    Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook


    U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I’ve been a lifelong fan of Henry Rifles ever since I shot the Goldenboy – but the Homesteader 9mm is something totally different. While every other rifle made by Henry is either lever-action or break-action, the new 9mm Homestead is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistol caliber carbine. But it’s more than just that, and after spending some time with it at SHOT Show 2023, I have some great news to share.


    Henry Homesteader 9mm

    The Homestead is a magazine-fed semi-automatic carbine chambered in – you guessed it – 9mm parabellum. It feeds from proprietary magazines, Glock-pattern magazines, or a combination of SIG and S&W magazines, depending on the model.

    Under the hood, the Homesteader is a direct blowback design. So there are very few moving components, making the gun reliable and very robust, and resilient to dirt and carbon buildup. My personal experience with the gun at Media Day at the Range in Las Vegas was very positive. The gun ran without any issues whatsoever despite the fierce wind blowing fine sand in the action for hours, and it was remarkably accurate in my very limited experience.

    Other noteworthy features include a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle for use with sound suppressors, aperture sights mounted directly to the barrel, and a receiver that comes from the factory drilled and tapped for a scope rail. MSRP is reported to be around $820, depending on what configuration a shooter chooses. I, for one, am very interested in the gun, as it feels like a more old-fashioned version of the Ruger PC9 that still retains the classic looks of Henry’s lever-action rifles. Hopefully, I’ll have one to review in my hands soon, so I can give you guys and gals the full rundown in the near future. Guns are being boxed up now, and should be available for purchase soon.

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  11. 12 hours ago, Yul Lose said:

    Wonder why those career days never have the gigolo guy?:D

    They were probably afraid that you'd take them up on it and scare the women back to their husbands.

    1 hour ago, Dirty Dan Dawkins said:

    My guess is that the reality is most gigolo are probably homosexual. Just sayin’…..

    No, you're thinking of Male Strippers.

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