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  1. Not yet. Goes out tomorrow. My Ford Explorer is leaking coolant and went to the shop. My cell is 954-592-7938



  2. Did you get my message?



    1. John Barleycorn, SASS #76982
    2. Dirtwater Doc 17941

      Dirtwater Doc 17941

      Matt: Recieved payment and FFL. How do you want me to ship. I was going to use Ship My Gun (shipmygun.com) but you're not listed there. I'm not sanguine about USPS. Do you prefer FedEX or UPS.


      Please advise  My direct email is rmroz@att.net


      Rick Mroz AKA Dirtwater Doc


  3. Dan

    I'll take 500 of the .308 165gn Remingtons.


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