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  1. Ruger New Vaquero 4 5/8” barrel 45 Colt. $900 shipped from my FFL to your FFL.
  2. Sad news. I remember he was very proud of the frontiersman tables he made for the stages at HoW. I enjoyed his grief because I didn't use real black. He will be missed. RIP.
  3. Praying for an anonymous package in the mail with your screw knife in it.
  4. Not sure what this is. The serial number is 18. Several pieces have 18 stamped into it. Dragoon? Walker? OBTW, asking for a friend.
  5. Of my three, long hunter - codymatic- T star leather, t star is my favorite for looks. Function: I can’t tell any difference between them.
  6. With the costs of fixed sight models, it might finally be worth the machinist’s bill to mill off the adjustable rear sight.
  7. You gotta set up the alerts like he does if you want a set of vaqueros before he gets them.
  8. The shooter is asking for help, not to be scolded and assume because he wants to be a c&b shooter that he won’t work. Look up captain George Baylor’s website for frontiersman for dummies. Great start. other good info here. Find a local frontiersman mentor. Mine have been invaluable. There’s so much to frontiersman. That’s why I enjoy the challenge. if needed pm me phone # or other contact info for specific questions/tips.
  9. I sure wish I had known about cowboy action shooting when I was stationed in Ballston Spa at the prototypes.
  10. Griff nailed it. You have almost no risk with your tiny 38 short loads. I eye ball what Lee dipper I should use to load 38 shorts for my derringer. So 125gr RNFP (cause it’s what I got handy) and eye ball the APP load has worked just fine in my Bond. Doubt you will have different results in your cartridge revolver.
  11. This was a great shooting vacation. The range was ready for the shooters. Bar 3 was ready to host the shooters. Always a match official handy to assist in needs of the shooters. For my wife that is not a shooter, there was plenty of entertainment for us. The planned music and mounted shooting was a blast. The entire weekend was a success. Great venue. It is very obvious that Bar 3 has put in a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears into the range. CaC will remain on my annual shoot list.
  12. Cap and ball is allowed in any category. For me it will be decided upon cap availability. ymmv.
  13. Outstanding! I’ll be there for state match. Great place to shoot. I’d better get my app in before you sell out.
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