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  1. I sooo agree with your comments on the "safety rules!"    Both about moving and about an empty round in an open action. 

    I also worked with safety for about 40 years and understand that as you add more rules, you almost always create more confusion and reduce safety.


    Thanks for your well reasoned comments.

    1. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

      Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

      Thank you for your comments.  It's so hard to get some folks to understand the concept that more rules create many more problems.  It's like they are blind to anything they don't agree with.  It's more like the government trying to protect us from ourselves making us reliant on someone else to think for us and/or giving folks someone else to blame for our own mistakes.

    2. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      It further became a problem in the late 1800's when they thought up "social sciences."  They thought that they could even create a "perfect contract" that people would not break.  Along with the idea that we can communicate verbally much better than we actually can.


      Thus, if we create the right rule and word it just right. . .  

      Then we don't have to think. .


      Our govenment and society are now eaten up with the idea even thought they hate it.

  2. I bought some ETR7 powder a couple years ago and like it.  But I don't think it is readily available anymore.

    Do you know of a source?

    1. Buckshot Dobbs

      Buckshot Dobbs

      No, not since Expansion Industries quit carrying it, sorry.

  3. Don't be sad about being born in Denver!!  :D:D:D

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz


      To me, Colorado is my home-I only live in PRK. ^_^

      Have a great New Year!



    2. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      Now THAT could be Depressing. :D

    3. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      Yes it could in some ways, with the flakes that get all of the media attention.

      The real folks of Colorado are still the same.;)


  4. As a student of statistics, sampling and measurement, it does make a difference in the impact, although not the process. The number of shooters defines the index or sampling for the accuracy of the system. Just as a valid sampling is needed for a poll. So the larger the sample, the more accurate the measurement. If you are in a gun fight close up, misses are much more dangerous to you than if you are at 20 yards - because your opponent is much less likely to miss at close range than further out. . So it is entirely appropriate for the impact of a miss or mistake to vary, de
  5. And if you try using rank within category, it is a total mess. You need a large sampling to provide an adequate index for a good measurement. Since the old gunfights didn't have categories, they lumped everyone together, just like rank does now.
  6. Just because a system is complicated, doesn't make it wrong. But you are correct in that there are problems with Rank scoring. And it does not work well at all for smaller matches. Just too many holes.
  7. Sorry, but I don't agree and you already demonstrated that you see a symptom of rank while missing how it is actually scored.
  8. You are only comparing two shooters, is that is all that is in the match. You are actually "cherry picking" in your example and leaving out everyone else that shot the match. I realize this is common misunderstanding and complaint about rank. Rank scoring is about how many shooters you beat out for each stage - that includes everyone. Your example is missing the understanding of how rank is done. You are pointing out what bothers many, but not how the match is scored. Is not the Super bowl is determined by the number of times you cross the goal line - not how m
  9. Do you understand Rank scoring? Your answer would indicate that you do not. In either system, you do not have to win all the "gunfights", but in rank it means you won more than those who scored lower than you did.
  10. Have to generally agree. Total time is more of a sprint as you can go as fast as you can since misses, while having some impact, generally will not hurt you as badly as in a rank point match. So the two do have to be shot slightly differently. That is one of the reasons many do not rank. With Rank, it is how many gunfights did you win. WIth total time, it is not how many fights you won but more about how much you won on those that you won.
  11. I ordered a few thousand coated bullets. They looked great, but I noticed that 5% or so slid into the brass too far. SO I measured and although the top of the bullet was .358, the bottom may be below .350. So I contacted the maker. He checked into it and found that one of his molds was messed up. He thanked me for letting him know and sent me 500 bullets to make up for it.
  12. That's okay, Von. Someone has to keep me honest
  13. Yes, Von, 125 JHP bullets were available, but did you notice I was not talking about that. I was talking about Lead bullets. Maybe someone some where made 125 grain Lead bullets, but I sure could not find them. As I mentioned, I had to order the 138 grain bullets from about 1000 miles away because that was the only source I could find then. And JHP's were not allowed since before I started SASS.
  14. Sidelined by a heart attack. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0832065/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm
  15. But nickel is what we normally use to greatly delay any problems. Just change them out very couple months and you will be fine. Pretty rig!
  16. You can always trust Delta Glenn & his crew.
  17. If you spray a bunch of brass but let it set for a few days, what is the impact?
  18. I have one with a 5 1/2 inch barrel that bought when I started in SASS many years ago. I have shot it with full loads once just to see. The recoil wasn't too bad for a full Mag. The design helps the recoil by rolling the pistol up. But i would not want to shoot full loads as there is just no need. And the gun will last much longer with moderate loads. I like shooting about 1100 fps when shoot mag loads, but not for cowboy.
  19. Yup, if they are New Vaquero, it will say so on the frame. A 58- S/N is most likely an original model so it will just say Ruger Vaquero on the frame.
  20. Contact the folks that made them and let them know. They normally want to know and should send you some replacements. I bought some from a vendor and they were concerned and sent me replacements of what we figured were about the right number (plus a few more) to fix me up. If they do not respond well, then let us know.
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