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  1. Long ago, we used to have pistol reloads on the stage, so many of us polished the cylinder and very very slightly polished the edge of the chamger to help reloading. Haven'd seen the need now.
  2. A good standard load for a Colt will work fine for most everything. You can load a little hotter for the big Rugers, but normally no need. There are a lot of good web sites with data: http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol https://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/index.aspx http://www.reloadammo.com/45cload.htm And it is always a great idea to get a good reloading manual such as RCBS, Lyman's, etc.
  3. Actually, all three are VERY weak cases. I've tried those split cases wouldn't even hold powder!!!
  4. Most of us have found the benefit of a separate shotgun belt. You can load more shells for when needed and it is at a slightly better location on the body. Unless you are quite large, there just isn't enough real estate for a cross-draw, shotguns shells and the strong side pistol - as has been mentioned. (The cross-draw definitely works best if it set slightly forward from where you would use a "weak side" straight holster. You want it to set where you would naturally and easily get to the pistol grip.) I've got a collection of holsters. The only ones that held up for me have e
  5. Yah, but they keep finding their way back home, don't they. . .
  6. I've got some good weapon lights I like includinga Surefire and a couple of Olights for my guns. I don't have super high lumens on those because of reasons already mentioned - don't blind yourself in the house. Bu I wanted to add another higher lumen (1000 or more) hand held for when I need to either reach out or almost blind an opponent.
  7. An interesting history is the 1933 gun bills. They were set up to provide work for the former "alcohol police." Of course, it was at the early to mid "progressive period" where "progressives/liberals/marxists" wanted the government to take rights away from citizens. But due to the people understanding history, the laws were generally based on the idea that IF the army had the weapon, citizens could as well. Now, they didn't think about the BBARs and they should have. And they had not researched to show that "shorted shotguns" and some other types were in mi
  8. The manufacturers also learned from previous "panic buying." They were encouraged to add capacity as well as adding workers. But the "push" was only temporary so the extra cost was not readily recouped. They can add more shifts, but they still need to recoup the training and personnel costs. So most are working at full capacity knowing/hoping that this will once again pass and they will eventually catch up. With the added fear that if the Left (democrats) win, they may likely be shut down.
  9. Or as Maxwell Smart said, "Missed it by That much!"
  10. Before you take it to a smith, check out the smith to be sure they are full service or merely a parts changer and slightly fixer-upper. This is beyond basic smithing. When in doubt, try bailing wire and duct tape.
  11. Thanks for letting us know. Praying for the family and our nation.
  12. With the recent politics, there has been a great increase in buying guns and buying ammunition. Lots of first-time gun owners! And with a new gun, they need some ammo. Plus everyone has been stocking up - to be prepared - prepared for shortages like this -prepared for break down of law and order - a few preparing to break down law and order. (sadly) This has been cyclic for many years but has gotten much worse since the Clinton's and continued talk of gun control as the left has gained more political power.
  13. Common sense was once common, but was never universal. For all have sinned and fallen short of God's standard.
  14. The vast majority of clubs would love to have new shooters attend their match!
  15. Not that our society has gone "law-suit" crazy or anything... So if they record it and someone can watch the crime and likely do nothing about it, that is good. But if they record it so they can possibly catch a criminal - that is bad. I'm reminded of Cicero, "More laws, less justice."
  16. Reminds me of a range in a suburb where the club was forced by the city to allow their police to practice there one day a week. (No other club members were allowed and we were all warned NOT to do what the police were doing.) Then it was expanded to 2 days per week - and only police allowed. A jogger was running a little over a mile away when he heard "bees" and then one "stung" his leg. It was a 45 ACP bee. Of course his insurance insisted that he sue so he did. He lived in Fort Worth, adjacent to the next city's range. The Fort Worth police investigated and found that th
  17. Cheer up! According to the theory of evolution, eventually a tornado or hurricane will build a good stage or house for you!
  18. As Phantom says, if your holsters are at least slightly forward of the hips and the angle is such that the barrel is slightly forward of the grip (normally 15 - 20 Degrees) you gun is essentially always pointing down range while drawing and reholstering. Quite a few really good holster makers. They key for most of us is to allow the holster to be slide along the belt, but have some way to then lock them where you want them for your body. Your girth, arm length and flexibility will factor in where the holsters will work best for you. As we get a little older, we find we don't lik
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