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  1. And check the cylinder/barrel gap. Be careful about slugging your barrels. I did that one and my knuckles still hurt! We're here all week.
  2. I have used the flex hone but did use the special oil as Colorado Coffinmaker says. I've also used the mop and metal polish and both worked well. You merely need to be sure the chamber is smooth - it doesn't have to be mirror polished really. And as for the Walmark link, be careful when you post links as they often have a lot more info about you than we realize. For example the proper link to the flitz is: https://www.walmart.com/ip/FLITZ-METAL-POLISH-1-76-OZ/16493905 All the rest is relatively personal data to track someone. I copy until I get to the question mark, then I have the required link.
  3. I had a friend that worked for the police. He gave several of us scales confiscated from drug dealers. It works well, but I mainly use an old balance beam scale I bought used.
  4. Sure makes for nice shiny brass both inside and out. You can't get around how pretty that wet tumbled brass is, if that matters to ya. But the outside of mine is just as shiny, but the inside is dark. But I haven't found any difference in shooting, so I avoid the extra work with my old vibratory cleaner.
  5. Still praying for Michele and the family!
  6. Another observation from shooting my 20 gauge and my 12 gauge - both were Stoegers. Plus watching many other shooters. A significant delay in shooting the shotgun is getting the empty shells to clear the gun rather than having to pluck them out. For what ever reason (weight vs surface are?) I see people have a lot more trouble with the 20 gauge. I had polished the chambers of both and tried several tricks, but the 20 gauge was never as reliable as my 12's (well tuned Stoeger, Baikel and SKB) for easily shucking shells. Of course your mileage may vary, but something to watch out for.
  7. I found wet tumbling to be more trouble than I wanted. But if you do, do as recommended. First deprime with a deprimer (no need to wear out good resizing die with dirty brass.) Then go through the drying process and the whole case should be nice and clean- including the primer pockets. Or do as others have said and I sometimes do. Clean the brass (dry tumbling/shaking), resize and deprime, then clean the pockets while watching tv, setting out in the back yard, etc. The inside won't be nice and shiny, but will shoot just fine - and you will start fresh with primer pockets and they should shoot several times before needing cleaning again - if ever before they wear out.
  8. Could you move that pistol target a couple yards closer for me?
  9. Nearly all progressive presses can be used to load individual cartridges, so that is my preferred option to learn. Then you don't have to spend more $ to switch to a more efficient press and you will know the press. If you do care to waste $, buy a used single-stage press realizing it may help learning, but you will have to relearn the progressive eventually, unless you have many extra hours to doe the single process. As mentioned, Dillon's are one of the very top presses but not the only excellent option. But since you are relatively close, start with them. As to bullets, we all started with plain lead but many have switched over to coated bullets - coated with some type of plastic or possibly moly-coated. The plastic coated work very well and are clean but cost more. I still have a lot of lead bullets to use up and they work just fine. (As noted plated bullets are similar to jacketed and not allowed.) Check with local clubs to talk with other reloaders, although you may already be pretty experienced.
  10. Remember 1969? They had a small gathering called Woodstock? There was an influenza "epidemic" (Hong Cong Flu) going on that killed 100,000 in the US and over 1,000,000 world wide. We did not shutdown the nation and survived rather well. That was without government guidelines requiring questionable reporting in death certificates to inflate the virus impact. (Multiple Doctors around the nation have reported on the deceptive guidelines.) So we have never seen anything like this before. (Where the healthy were quarantined instead of the ill.) The over-restrictive requirements that were meant to be helpful were not sustainable. People are now essentially rebelling. So we were forced from one extreme to another. A good friend in very poor heath in her late 70's got it and we doubted she could survive. She's fine now and being scheduled for her hip replacement. So this virus is very unpredictable and shows to be survivable over 99% of the time. As a sickly old guy, I'm still careful, but realize we just need to use common sense as we did with other virus's. The virus is serious, but this has been well described as a panicdemic.
  11. Howdy, Artie! Hope you and Sadie are doing well. The main competition is the competition, not the course. So let the champs compete against each other on a level field.
  12. I didn't weld it.  All I did was use a file/stone and removed the notch on the hammers. 


    No need for welding.  Just make sure there is no "catch" for the sear there.


    1. Purly SASS # 57438

      Purly SASS # 57438

      Thanks. I thought I might be able to do that.

  13. Don't give up!


    Fast Eddie wants as much feedback as possible and he does consider input very important.  So he may very well decide to do the 5 and 5 as we have done in the past, but as you can tell it is a balancing act.


    And thanks for the offer to help with the scoring.  We can always use more help, especially as many of us are not what we once were.


    Sorry Petey did n't have his usual match.  I always enjoy shooting with him as he has been one of my hero's in the sport.

    1. MizPete


      Still had a great time!

  14. Titegroup does work well, but it is a little louder than some and have a sharper recoil  It can also be used for a 12 gauge load.

    "I was looking at the Hodgon load data website and they have loads listed using Titegroup powder, This peeked my interest as I have lots of it on hand for pistol calibers I load for. the lightest load I see they have listed is for one ounce. My question is would it be okay to use this data for a Lee 7/8 oz slug.Or would anyone know of a source of load data for 7/8 oz loads.The loads listed below are starting and middle of the road so I assume I would be ok.

    Hodgdon Titegroup Rem. 209P Rem. TGT 12 17.3 8,900 PSI 1,235 fps
    Hodgdon Titegroup Rem. 209P Rem. TGT 12 18.6 10,100 PSI 1,290 fps"


    Unique is a little dirtier but is also a great powder for both.


    Clays is a great option for 12 gauge and can be used for the 9mm.  But since it is a little fast for the 9mm, you will have to load near max for a reliable load.  My only concern is that if the pistol is new it sometimes wants a higher velocity load to break them in.  But i have shot a lot of Clyays in 9mm and it has worked well in nearly all my pistols.

    1. Marshal Hangtree

      Marshal Hangtree

      Thanks, Marauder!  That's all great information.  I appreciate it.



  15. Wow, Carolina is really losing it.  A bit of an ego problem.


    We need folks that can spot, time and watch the loading and unloading tables.


    All tasks are important even when we cannot do every single task.


    You hang in there!

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      :wub: Ya, Friend! Thank you!


  16. I would like a couple of you SKB springs.  'm ordering 2 from



    Is that correct?

    1. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      I ordered via a message and paid with Pay pal.



    2. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      Yea got your message Marauder,sent return email,on the pony in the morning.


    3. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      I got them today.



  17. I find that Trail Boss is cleaner and better with a little more powder. 


    So I use 3.6 grains with 105 and 125 grain bullets.

  18. Not sure about if they will post the stages.


    But many matches no longer post posse lists due to so many wanting to swap posses - only to want to swap again when someone else does.  So it creates a LOT of extra work. 

    But they will allow folks to ask about switching when they sign up, but probably get only one change per person.

  19. You are in trouble now :D:D


    Now we all want to hear your program.


    Can i give you a call?

  20. Thanks!


    Yes it was Squaw Creek Rose.

  21. I sooo agree with your comments on the "safety rules!"    Both about moving and about an empty round in an open action. 

    I also worked with safety for about 40 years and understand that as you add more rules, you almost always create more confusion and reduce safety.


    Thanks for your well reasoned comments.

    1. Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

      Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104

      Thank you for your comments.  It's so hard to get some folks to understand the concept that more rules create many more problems.  It's like they are blind to anything they don't agree with.  It's more like the government trying to protect us from ourselves making us reliant on someone else to think for us and/or giving folks someone else to blame for our own mistakes.

    2. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      It further became a problem in the late 1800's when they thought up "social sciences."  They thought that they could even create a "perfect contract" that people would not break.  Along with the idea that we can communicate verbally much better than we actually can.


      Thus, if we create the right rule and word it just right. . .  

      Then we don't have to think. .


      Our govenment and society are now eaten up with the idea even thought they hate it.

  22. I bought some ETR7 powder a couple years ago and like it.  But I don't think it is readily available anymore.

    Do you know of a source?

    1. Buckshot Dobbs

      Buckshot Dobbs

      No, not since Expansion Industries quit carrying it, sorry.

  23. Don't be sad about being born in Denver!!  :D:D:D

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz


      To me, Colorado is my home-I only live in PRK. ^_^

      Have a great New Year!



    2. Marauder SASS #13056

      Marauder SASS #13056

      Now THAT could be Depressing. :D

    3. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      Yes it could in some ways, with the flakes that get all of the media attention.

      The real folks of Colorado are still the same.;)


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