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  1. It can also help to make both 9mm and 38 bullets. Then just resize appropriately before coating.
  2. What Colorado said. Probably moderately hot loads. And the extra dirty rim may indicate black powder or a dirty environment.
  3. Eddie (and crew) went far beyond even their normal work this year. Thanks to those who worked so hard to make this another great match!
  4. You can drop the powder charge by 0.5 gain and probably like it better. You can also try a few at 1.0 grain less and find it works pretty well. Extra-Lite is good stuff, about like AA.
  5. Years ago, we had a good Senior shooter (Seniors were much more rare back then.) He shot the rifle, then ran to the front table to shoot shotgun and pistols. Well, he shot the rifle, then stumbled and fell, doing a complete forward role, Pistols still in holsters, stood, kept going and finished the stage clean and with a reasonable time! Yup, that was truly matching his alias, Lucky Bucky. What a joy to watch.
  6. He missed the tag! He missed the tag! I saw it from my armchair!!!
  7. http://www.srscowboy.com/events.html http://www.srscowboy.com/data/2022/SHOOTERS_LIST.pdf
  8. Amazing what you can do with a Dremel tool!!!
  9. Correcting Trailrider's link: https://gunfighter.com/trailrider Even walking in the woods, you want good retention and the ability to reholster with only one hand. So you need a stiffer holster than won't slightly close once the gun is out.
  10. All those scratches. That's terrible! I got a rotary tool that can fix that back up....
  11. I liked them when the first came out. Add lost of character. So they were very popular for several years. Then I went to a fun night shoot and discovered the problem others mentioned. I was shooting a carbine, when I went to restage, the rifle never stopped going down. I had glanced down as usual when restaging, but didn't watch it go after feeling one end touch. Fortunately I keep my hand on it but then saw that the butt was supported but with the shorter barrel had no support. Quite a shock in the middle of a stage. This happened enough around the country that most modified the "animals" to put a table top on them which supported more that merely two points speared. Not quite as much character but definitely safer and reduced the number and probability of major penalties.
  12. You could also go to Ahlmans gunsmiths in Minneapolis. https://www.ahlmans.com/
  13. As TN Mongo said, they made Ruger Blackhawks that way. Again, many folks didn't realize several name brand pistol makers used the same barrel diameter for both calibers. My Blackhawk shot both calibers well. The 9mm will work fine in the chamber made for the higher pressure 357 Magnum. And the 9mm cylinder was made like a regular 9mm as the cartridge chamber depended on the front of the case rather than the back rim. Of course the 38 Special will work fine even with a little more jump for the bullet to make the journey.
  14. Of the two, big and close. I like some challenge and movement, but I want myself and others to enjoy the match. So overly complicated sequences and extreme movement discourages most folks. We also have to make sure the match is relatively safe, so making allowance for poor running surfaces, etc. With smaller targets and very complicated the top shooters will always run away from most of us - in that they will win by much larger margins than usual. A few of those top may like it but most would not because they would realize their friends were frustrated by the match. One way or another we all do this for fun. When too many of us are frustrated, it impacts the entire group. Sometimes a club will intentionally set up a difficult match and warn folks so those who enjoy that will be encouraged and those who do not will be warned. Those can be an enjoyable match for a different challenge but not on a regular basis.
  15. Where as it doesn't matter if they shoot faster in total time? As you point out significantly varying stages, work slightly better with Rank. Plus, since very few understand ranks scoring, they are much happier with total time. So we now have total time and don't need to worry about other methods used or proposed.
  16. Yes only .001 difference in diameter in guns with a land to groove difference of several thousands. In the US, we use the larger groove diameter but much of Europe has went half way between the land and groove diameter for a generation or two (especially with jacketed bullets). And remember how that bullet in the higher pressure 9mm (30,000 psi vs 18,000) with a taper crimp backs up and jams the gun when fired. Neither do I. You do have to have a good crimp since there normally isn't a crimp groove but normally a roll crimp should make it's own groove in lead bullets. That groove could slightly impact accuracy so I would test a few in your guns first. Several years (10 - 12) ago people were using 95 grain bullets to get them lighter. That was before 105 in 38 was available. Guess what diameter the 95 grain were? (They were for 380 pistols.) Most only used those in pistols due to the shorter cartridge length. Plus for many years some pistol makers (such as Ruger) used 9mm barrels for both 38 and 9mm.
  17. I too have lost by a fraction with total Time and Rank while I would have won under the other system. I always figured I was out shot that day. I and many others do like to see the rank placement of each stage. No need to list the total rank anymore but it is nice to easily see who won each stage, etc.
  18. Thanks for letting us know. We will miss him.
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