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  1. As Blackfoot clarified. The concern with the bullet is to avoid having the bullet recede into the case, thus shortening the cartridge. So crimping at the top of the lube groove gives very strong resistance to any compressive forces on the cartridge. Generally, the only force to expand the length is being fired from the case and that is the purpose of it being fired. (I suppose that dropping the gun onto the muzzle may possibly cause the length to increase but I doubt it. If the gun was dropped that badly, you should carefully check the gun for safety any
  2. If you get multi-focus lenses, they must have the proper focal just where you need them. They can be a problem when moving and different shooting as you are not always lined up just right. At least that has been my experience and a common report from many others. So I prefer the fixed - mon-vision as they call it. Mixing of two lens.
  3. If you want to test if you can do it, buy some relatively inexpensive readers that focus where you want for close. Then remove the other lens and see if you can adjust in a few minuts.
  4. Hard to find and they must be worked over by someone really good with them to avoid jams and frustration.
  5. P.S. Make sure you get good strong lenses that meet specs for safety glasses.
  6. It is pretty common. Most people can do it, but some cannot adjust to the different focal lengths. It just take me a couple minutes. You put the closer focus (set to your pistol sight or between pistol and rifle sight) on you dominant eye. The other eye is set for long distance. For my my guns, I found I could just point my finger and it was the corect length, so I didn't have to take my guns in as I originally did.
  7. #10 drywall plug or drywall anchor hallow wall anchor Very small plastic boat anchor - well, maybe not.
  8. Just curious what golf (PGA) has to do with cowboy shootin' ? ?
  9. Fond memories! Thanks! I was in the Wartrace picture! I remmeber when CVV was just starting but I had to move abut then, but I got to shoot there a few times. And of course remember the Magnificent 7 for here in Georgia.
  10. And I assume you know the trick that you start a screw by gently going backwards until you her or feel a slight click as the threads line up. then go the proper direction. But you still need to have the hole aligning as has been well covered.
  11. Not sure now days, but used Mec Jr and Sizemasters used to be regularly available for very good prices. I much prefer the crimp from the Mec.
  12. Of course! Take EVERYONE else's bullets.
  13. Yes, it is sad when groups "steal" a word and change the meaning to what they want. Progressive still means progressing. "Progressive politics" has always meant socialism moving to communism. So in light of that we could call it the Communist Sweep - with the explanation that at the end they take it ALL!?
  14. https://www.google.com/maps/d/view?mid=1a5THNVZ2Dm_-CUf9h8jW6-fO8k1DPpab&ll=33.77606182711124%2C-81.8797295921875&z=7
  15. Where's the fun it that!!!?
  16. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2020/7/15/the-winchester-model-1897-a-look-back
  17. Big Boston, ALL 97s have short chambers as they were maid from roll crimped cartridges. No stock 97 measure for modern 2 3/4 shells but they generally allow enough room to safely shoot modern shells with just a slight increase in pressure and felt recoil. I'm a little surprised to hear your was that short though.
  18. Griff, have you come out with your 2020 predictions yet? Procrastinators unit - sometime soon.
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