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  1. OK, I can agree with your statement about shotgun rounds, but I didn't say anything about a shotgun round, maybe you need to re-read my post before you quote me. I said rifle round. Oh and BTW everyone, the shooter took off so fast to the next shooting position, I didn't have the time to try to tell him that the rifle was clear and he could continue with it, so I just let him continue on his own.
  2. Don't know if this fits in what your asking, but I'm going to tell it anyway....interesting story. I was the TO at a state match many years ago. Shooter gets to his rifle and on the 3rd shot, it was really a fart/ mouse/ pppphph load but I saw it clear the barrel and hit the dirt halfway to the target. ( as a TO, I watch shooters hands, gun in hand, not targets) I didn't say a word, shooter hollers "squib" and restages rifle and continues to finish the stage. Once the shooter gets to the unloading table and sees that he has no squib, he hollers over to me that the gun was clear and he'll take a reshoot. I told him, he doesn't get a reshoot cause I never said a word to impede him cause I saw it leave the barrel and that this was on him, it was his call not mine. He was not happy with me since he didn't get a reshoot and had to eat 7 rifle misses he didn't shoot.
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