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  1. 22 Rimfire Challenge, Trap and hunting ( mainly deer and pheasants)
  2. I have a Norinco stamped 97 with an 02 starting serial number, been running that gun hard for over 20 years without a single problem. What Cap talks about in the video between the 28 min.- 30 min. mark, happened to me a few months ago. Scared the hell out of me, the flag spring must have given out, I never tampered with it. The explosion took a chunk out of the left side of the bolt. Sent the gun down to Cody Conagher, he replaced the bolt, checked everything else out, put it back together and said the rest of the gun was fine and it's up and running again. I'd never seen that happen to a 97 before, but it can happen. Just thought I'd mention it.
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