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  1. hi singing sue... will you sing the National Anthem for us this year? cbj
  2. normally us guys say that very thing when there are none of you women around to hear it.....
  3. I pm'd you back when you pm'd me about my pm to you...I think...
  4. we'll keep the fire pit covered in your honor... looking forward to seeing you GW! cbj
  5. wow...no response from four bucks...just how long of a nap do you old guys need?? reb...you feel free to weigh in on this also......
  6. I think I can scrape up a handful of old sunflower seed from the bottom of my cart box you can have for breakfast...but as for a pretty posse...we are going to have to wait for people to volunteer to shoot with you...we can't force people to lower their standards THAT far....
  7. ALL the ladies are pretty...I was talking about the cowboys...a couple of them on your posse were pretty hard to look at....
  8. grizzley dave, that was a great video. if you come back for the match this year we promise to put you on a prettier posse. colorado blackjack
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