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  1. Are you sure those are not "in" bread doggies
  2. As I've been pricing materials the 2x12 option is most frugal. Plywood has not come down enough, and by board foot even though 2x6 is cheaper by time double quantity of boards they actually will cost more. so 2x12s all around and tempered hard board on back. I believe should be quite strong. each shelf will only be tall enough for 1 can high and if my 3rd grade math is right about 6 50 cal wide
  3. That is a definite option I've considered. I have used aluminum ones in past for shelf that holds small weight
  4. with lumber costs today doesnt seem to matter My concern is a 50 cal can full of 45's or similar
  5. I like your thought. Another thing I was considering is 1x2 both front and rear tacked in about 6-8 inches apart glue on mated surface
  6. I did that for years with an end table just not that many shelves and I used 30 cal cans full of live ammo.
  7. Me too my bench is 2x6 frame with 2x4 cross grasses and 3/4 plywood top. My machines have a doubler under neath for additional support
  8. I'm thinking simaler but on lines of deflection of each shelf is my biggest concern
  9. 3/4 inch dado each side each shelf I think will have support needed. As your question maybe.
  10. I am thinking have fairing stripes alog each shelf but also consider 1/4 plywood or hard board on back
  11. I have a bunch of green metal cans that seem to be quite heavy, I an planning to build a shelf system with 2x12 sides 40 in wide. For the shelves themselves I have 2 options I'm considering. 1st Is 3/4 in plywood about 12 in deep with a span of 37 inches Dato into both sides with each one having enough height to accept 1 can deep. 2nd option for shelfs would be using 2x12 instead plywood all joints plan to screw and glue. Would the 3/4 plywood be sufficient or must i use 2x12 based on weight of very heavy cans 6 per shelf?
  12. Hey!!! That looks like me. You been taking pictures in the saloon again?
  13. I think widders candles are burning in Texas panhandle(over million acres)
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