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  1. cute now but wait until they both go into terrible twos
  2. prayers for you. I know how hard of decision it is. had put my cat Nala down last year
  3. I like the John Wick films however I know almost all of it is well beyond reality. I watch for entertainment only.
  4. I am sure TN Williams has a line on it. Of course he might not leave me one.
  5. One 50 cal can full 45 acp 230 grn weighs about 77 lbs
  6. After I pick it up I knew with bunch ammo cans I might really hurt myself
  7. A range I shot at outside Fresno didn't allow because of fire risk. Being ariad area it had happened there.
  8. I heard rumors that a dairy queen in Tennessee going to let people eat all the banana splits they want
  9. May not be pretty but should be solid. It is d@#$ heavy.
  10. Way they fuss I figure they been married for a loooooooonnnnnnngggggg time
  11. I'm sure glad see you keep stirring the pot.
  12. Now gonna get both of you at same time. Don't want to show favoritism
  13. @Pat Riot only 6 days left. I think @Widder, SASS #59054 and Tennessee Williams should be our first on list
  14. I found a calculator for wood sag called sagulator. According to my numbers I estimate 2x12s will be more than adequate support. So latter this week I will pick up materials (hand selected my yours truly) to begin my build. Of course this weekly thunderstorms is not helping.
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