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  1. 11 hours ago, Alpo said:

    You suppose that strap around his thigh is there as a seat belt? To make sure he don't fall off?


    Because that appears to be a sippy cup he's drinking out of, which would mean that kid is a whole lot younger than I thought he was when I first saw the picture.

    or strap holding the dog saddle bag

  2. 3 minutes ago, John Kloehr said:

    I still use the terms "1/2 ton" and "3/4 ton." Both have much more capacity* than that today compared to decades ago.


    But your point still applies. The Ford F250 has more capability* than the F150, same for General Motors 2500 vs 1500. I don't recall the model designations for Dodge but the same applies. Heavier duty brakes, axles, and suspension completely change the towing experience.


    Every maker has a towing guide which outlines the true capacity of each model "as equipped." For instance, 4WD reduces capacity. The biggest engine usually does not have the highest capacity, but greatly improves the experience in hills when within the capacity it does have. Do not trust the truck salesperson any more than an RV salesperson.


    As to RV forums, I would like to know where everyone went after RV.net was taken over by Camping World. That was a great forum 20+ years ago but no longer seems to have the same experienced membership to help new folks get started.


    * I chose the words "capacity" and "capability" on purpose. They are different.

    Totally agree. I had a rv salesman try to tell me that my v6 1/2 ton Chevy would have no problem with 10000 lb. trailer. At that time i was looking for under 5000. now my Duramax has a lot more capability and capacity but still don't want to max out either. i intend to keep this truck while longer, not beat it like dead mule and trade for new payments

  3. 1 hour ago, Okie Sawbones, SASS #77381 said:

    Keystone and Jayco are two of the most reliable brands. You'll need a one ton truck for Keystone trailers. The smallest Jayco, 29', could be done with a 3/4 ton truck. Why not a travel trailer?

    amount of time i may be having to stay in it. some of the better features and layout not available in 5th wheel

  4. 58 minutes ago, El Chapo said:


    It would be suicide to try to pull any fifth wheel with a 1/2 ton truck.  Don't do it.  A semi floating axle is not suitable for anything other than isolated, occasional trailering. 


    Also, I'm virtually certain that regardless of what they claim, if you weigh their "1/2 ton towable" 5th wheel when hitched to your truck, you will find you're overloaded.  Years ago I had a truck camper that was supposedly 1/2 ton capable.  It overloaded my 1 ton SRW truck with a weekend worth of stuff inside and the dog.  Don't believe a word they say.


    All RVs are garbage in terms of build quality.  Unless you have a really great shop and a lot of money, be prepared to spend weekends caulking and inspecting your trailer.



    Most 3/4 ton trucks don't have sufficient payload for even a mid sized 5th wheel, either, especially older ones.  If I had to pull a 5th wheel with a 3/4 ton, I would probably not buy one that was over 30' long.


    My best suggestion to the original poster is to buy a travel trailer.  5th wheels do have advantages, but all of that is negated if you don't have enough truck to deal with the pin weight.  Even the newer 3/4 tons with a 10k lb GVWR still only have ~2500 pounds of payload.  With two people in the cab and the hitch itself, that doesn't leave much remaining GVWR for pin weight. 


    Around the 30 ft is the size i want to look at. I might be spending extended time in it is why im looking at more than just a travel trailer. My truck is a diesel 3/4 ton chevy. I dont want to stress it any more than neccesary so the reason for lighter

  5. 7 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

      Widder called me up this morning and said he felt a "glitch" in his '97 while he was dry firing before the sun come up. He said he was barely going under 4 seconds on 6 and that just wouldn't cut it. He told me he was going to check it out and see what the problem was after lunch. 

      Well this evening when he called, I asked him what the problem was. He said when he tore that 97 down to check it out, he found some belly button lint in the action and he must've dropped it in there while dry firing without a shirt on and that was causing that little sluggish feeling. He just ain't got any sense.



    I did not need that mental picture.  Now I need large quantities of brain bleach

    7 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    My only 'woe' is the lint in TW's brain.  :lol:




    The lint or the dust and cobwebs 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Wild Eagle said:

    I would get a 3 or 4 horse trailer with a living quarters or a weekend package built into it.  They pull great, are all aluminum , built to haul heavy loads, very low maintenance, and give you the horse area for storage or to use as a "toy hauler".  You will pay a lot more for it, but will most likely be able to sell it for more than you paid 10 years later when you go to sell it.  If you haven't damaged the horse area too much you will have no problem selling it.  I have had two, kept them for about 10 years each, and sold both of them for more than I paid.  Took me about a week to sell each one.  And I actually used mine to haul horses, so the horse area was certainly not pristine.  Yours probably will be.


    I would look at Hart, 4 Star, Elite, or Sundowner although there are quite a few others that are also high quality.  The dealers usually work well with the buyers to make them happy.  One unhappy owner in the horse world can hurt a trailer dealer a lot more than a RV dealer.  Just a smaller pool of buyers, and a close knit group that all talk and support each other.


    Just something to consider that you may not have been aware of.  

    Interesting idea. Not thought about that

  7. 6 hours ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

    Do not, do not buy from Caping World. Research dealers as much as makers.

    Thanks. Camping world have several large dealerships near me as does fun town and McClain's's. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104 said:

    Most 5th wheels are too heavy for a half ton pickup irregardless of what they say the tow rating is.  I've done it and while it was ok, it was far more work driving than having a 3/4 ton or a smaller travel trailer with a good floorplan.  The hitch weight usually pushes you over the load rating for a 1/2 ton once you add fuel, passengers, etc.

    Pull rig will be my chevy 2500 hd duramax. With 3/4 ton truck it could pull alot more. I don't want to max trucks ability. I prefer weights that will be about 1/2 what my truck is rated for. The 5th wheel size I'm looking for will be on the small size. Since I will probably be only one using it I won't need alot, still a place sleep cook eat and place to shower.

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  9. 26 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    Buy an older used rv. They all have issues but used ones at least have most of the issues worked out. If it has a Floorplan that works for you and the bones are good you can update things like light fixtures and tv/radios.


    Get new tires if the dot dates are not within the las 5 years and go up a load range.


    Have you ever used an rv or trailer before? Are you handy at maintenance?



    Very minimal experience with rv trailers. I am decent as pulling trailers. As handy I can do alot as I was a mechanic in another time. I can handle small to medium level repair limited tools I have and if my old bones will cooperate. 

  10. I am about to start shopping for 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel. With all the horror stories about poor quality and lack of warranty repair at dealership I am interested in which brands to consider and which to avoid at all costs. Please let me know your thoughts. 

  11. On 4/11/2024 at 1:08 AM, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    As I recall, army coffee wasn’t bad except for the one day a year when the urns were cleaned.

    That's the problem. USMC wouldn't dare clean urns. Way to dangerous when Msgt got his cup.

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