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  1. Amazing how talented some of them are
  2. Now I understand why @patriot rides a hello kitty
  3. I have been turned back from courthouse because i had p38 on my keyring
  4. nope they just let it tick away
  5. Chinese for dinner?
  6. welcome back!!!! based on title next time we will find a deeper septic tank to toss into.
  7. or strap holding the dog saddle bag
  8. If all cats could breath more fire
  9. get her a set of these since mothers day soon
  10. hope she is in good mood today
  11. Totally agree. I had a rv salesman try to tell me that my v6 1/2 ton Chevy would have no problem with 10000 lb. trailer. At that time i was looking for under 5000. now my Duramax has a lot more capability and capacity but still don't want to max out either. i intend to keep this truck while longer, not beat it like dead mule and trade for new payments
  12. amount of time i may be having to stay in it. some of the better features and layout not available in 5th wheel
  13. Around the 30 ft is the size i want to look at. I might be spending extended time in it is why im looking at more than just a travel trailer. My truck is a diesel 3/4 ton chevy. I dont want to stress it any more than neccesary so the reason for lighter
  14. That part is fun, its when they give details
  15. I did not need that mental picture. Now I need large quantities of brain bleach The lint or the dust and cobwebs
  16. Interesting idea. Not thought about that
  17. Thanks. Camping world have several large dealerships near me as does fun town and McClain's's.
  18. One description I read frame was aluminum
  19. Pull rig will be my chevy 2500 hd duramax. With 3/4 ton truck it could pull alot more. I don't want to max trucks ability. I prefer weights that will be about 1/2 what my truck is rated for. The 5th wheel size I'm looking for will be on the small size. Since I will probably be only one using it I won't need alot, still a place sleep cook eat and place to shower.
  20. Very minimal experience with rv trailers. I am decent as pulling trailers. As handy I can do alot as I was a mechanic in another time. I can handle small to medium level repair limited tools I have and if my old bones will cooperate.
  21. I am about to start shopping for 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel. With all the horror stories about poor quality and lack of warranty repair at dealership I am interested in which brands to consider and which to avoid at all costs. Please let me know your thoughts.
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