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  1. I try just to remember put on my pants.
  2. @Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 My yellow tabby came up meowing ND rubbing me. Thought she wanted to eat but she walked the other way. OK she wants go outside so open door, noped walked away. Then she led me over to patio door so opened curtain and plop. Laid down in sunbeam. She was happy kitty after that.
  3. 1 procedural added to your score
  4. Up early to dig hole for flagpole. 5 gallon bucket of gravel 80 lbs concrete let set 24 hours. Next volunteer at shop help with their trunk or treat. Noon hour long ride to take Saints and Sinners tour through the grave yard. Actors portrayed historical people and told their stories in first person.2 and half hours later quick BBQ lunch and back to shop for meeting. I need work start giving me mandatory overtime for recovery.
  5. Shilo has been drafted. Yesterday took her to professional trainer for a 2 week puppy bootcamp. I believe this is good idea since she is 5 months old 45 lbs and as big as some German Shepards. Her estimated weight at 1 year is 107 lbs. She is sweet playful pup that doesn't realize she is bigger than 10 lb cat when she wants to play.
  6. Friend of mine raised anchor and sailed to the Golden sea Friday. A retired navy man , harley rider and really good man. I will miss him.
  7. http://media.natgeotraveller.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/tequila-shot.jpg
  8. Pat would be the greasy spot under the tail
  9. I thought when you said fall you was referring to me
  10. Took my daughter looking at handguns once. Salesman handed her a glock and she was "What the......" needless to say she is not a glock fan.
  11. I would take it as an insult being called a glock owner
  12. Glock owners need alot of ammo so eventually they might hit the broad side from inside of the barn.
  13. Well Pat you stole my thunder with my S&W so I put this one up
  14. What would it be if a couple is married and one of them gets pregnant but they do not want the child? The child is born and raised by the parents even though neither wanted it to begin with.
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