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  1. Ooder.. YOU HAD 17... 97's???


    Gosh... you must have an addictive personality.



    I used to stock shelves in a gun store. Nobody wants 97s around here they would get them in for 50 to 150 bucks. I still have a standing agreement that I'll take any they get in under 200

  2. Calico if i waited till you were done at a store it would be July.



    I wouldn't want to deprive you of all this pure white goodness. Oh and just to ease your worries i bought my son some slippers so we can pass the snow dance onto the next generation just in case something happens to me :D

  3. First good snowfall since we bought our farm. Some areas are drifted over 4' high but most is. Around a foot. Sure glad i bought my grandfathers farmall h to push the snow. Now i just need to make it to wisconson to pick it up.



    Oh well we still have a snowblower and shovels and our driveway is only about 200 yrds long. Fun day in the snow :)

  4. I see Cheyenne didn't git ya hard enuff a while back, so one of these summers I'z gonna come up ta Minnesnowda and kick yer heiny myself.....

    Pick either weekend in summer and come out

  5. Doc Noper makes some great holsters for 7 1/2" barrels for strong side. Id highly recommend looking into them.


    I've carried looking barreled gun s in a double cross draw rig. I love it but this particular rig isn't sass legal. Im a smaller guy so cross draw helps facilitate drawing. If not my hands are halfway up my armpits to clear the barrel.


    My main match guns are 5 1/2" double strong side in a doc Noper rig. However my hunting and edc is mostly done with crossdraw

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