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  1. I have several different systems a camera that sends a pic to my phone when somebody enters the drive. As well as a bull at the end of the drive. He bellows anytime someone passes his pen which sets off the dogs which generally lets me know to pick up my phone because I'm about to get a notice from the camera.
  2. We stocked up this weekend at the local farm/hardware store. Armscor 50rds for 2.99
  3. I started wet tumbling this year with a trick I learned from Jerry miculek. I use an old cement mixer I picked up at an auction cheap. One batch and they are all done. I dry on an old screen door on saw horses out in the sun. So far I like how it works.
  4. I've not made any in .44 so can't expound on that. However I've made .357 out of brass, aluminum, titanium, stainless, delron.. sp?, as well as several different alloys. What are you looking to get out of it? Aluminum will be lighter but unless hard coated it will wear a ton faster. I usually will swap mine out about every 20k I do have a new type of hard coat that is running over 40k with minimal wear. Brass has less issues over all to me. Lightened makes it close to aluminum in weight but stronger. My recommendation. Stick with brass
  5. So my daughter is too petite for even the youth stock on her henry. She really wants to shoot like mom and dad. So tonight's project was cutting down the stock. She picked it up and was able to run off 10 no problem. Before I had to cycle the action for her after every shot. Great... but she said ouch as she was poked in the cheek. Hmmm project number two.. grabbed a deer hide I kept from my first deer and made a butt cover. I am no leather crafter but it will work for now. While I was at it I quickly made a small ammo pouch for her.
  6. I've 13 new shooters from my classes over winter that want to shoot. Unfortunately do to current cost of ammo and guns I think most won't make it to the range
  7. I'll always keep a few hunting and long range, that aren't sass approved but other than that very rarely is there a semi auto at the house. My 3 gun firearms are stored at the shop as are the ones with the fun switch. If somebody breaks into your house and you empty a 30 round mag there is no way you will ever win that lawsuit. Any time i see somebody write crap like " I have 50 mags and a 45 because they don't make a 46, " i just shake my head. If you ever use a gun to defend yourself good luck keeping those posts out of the trial. You will paint yourself as somebody looking f
  8. No I do not. I pay 46.50 per 1k Non coated is normally about $7 per k less than that. Ive never bought from mo bullets so couldn't say on that.
  9. They look like a good product, however at double what I currently pay. I'll stick with my supplier for now
  10. Because the guns were used a lot, bent mag tubes were a lot harder to replace back then. They didn't have next day shipping
  11. In normal times, 9mm and .223 is cheap enough that it really isn't that much advantage to reload when shooting large round counts. I was at an auction yesterday. Ammo prices were insane. Better than a dollar a round for 9, 45, .223, 7.62. 30 cents a round for .22. The real kicker. .410 slugs. $120 per box of 5 rounds.
  12. Looking for one I can cut down for my daughter. She shot her first match last sat and the youth stock we have is too long. She is a petite 8 yr old. Thanks for any help
  13. Your missing the point. If your chasing a number, its chasing an illusion. 20 years ago 30 seconds was fast. 10 years ago 20 seconds was fast. Now if you want to to win you better be shooting faster than 16. Compare apples to apples . Bring the targets in close so you can shoot low times. Just be honest with yourself. Top shooters will still blow those times out of the water. Just to be clear I don't consider myself a top shooter. Upper mid pack at best. Why anyone wants to value thier times/ perfomance based on what someone e
  14. Do people walk away because they can't shoot a clean stage in 16 seconds? Obviously not or most wouldn't be here. I didn't shoot a clean match until my 8th year. Yet I still came back. Do you really think a 16" or larger target at 7 yrds is punishing? Would sass die if they actually said you couldn't have targets closer?
  15. A few mistakes in that belief. Your comparing apples to oranges. So your 16 second stage makes you feel like john force? Lead despencer? Except. What would he shoot the stage in? Really makes that 16 seem slow doesnt it. You can keep your illusions of grandeur all you want but it still doesnt make you John Force. I started like 10 or eleven years ago. Shooting 60 to 80 second stages. A lot of the time coming in last place. Slowly I got better through putting in effort. Never did I try to cheapen the efforts of others by wanting an easy wa
  16. And getting the targets closer and bigger makes it easier to do. Shooting sub 16 second stage at 7 yards is a ton harder than doing it at 3. Big close is basically the equalization of participation awards. a way to make a mediocre shooter with low confidence/self esteem feel better about themselves. Same as adding more categories so everybody gets a shiny buckle. It is what the sport is evolving to. Take it for what it is. Before you ask. Yes I do shoot under 16 quite a bit. Generally dipping below 12 at least a couple times a year.
  17. I have a pair of them that we got for the kids. Turns out neither care for the colt style. Prefer to sell as a pair if possible. If let me know and I will see if I can dig them out of the safe for pics
  18. Let me check the loading room when I get home. Im pretty sure I had some stashed away. Does brand matter?
  19. Oooohhh....I always thought those were the best looking revolvers ever made
  20. I don't have a pair but I do have a solo bisley. 357 ss 5 1/2" if your interested
  21. So if a buckaroo was good enough to win overall you won't honor it if they are shooting a .22?
  22. I've got a mixture of ar 400 and ar 500 with 2 big gongs of hardened steel 3" thick. The gongs are holding up well but at over 500lbs a piece I don't move them often. They suck to pick up!
  23. Ok large size frame is a ruger vaquero. It says so right on the gun. 😉 the ones that are incorrectly naming a size are the ones that shorten NEW vaquero to just vaquero.
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