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  1. Snakebite, I don’t believe you will find anywhere I said I can’t safely shoot! I said I couldn’t lay down or get on my knees, that’s it! Thanks for the reply, pard!
  2. Hi Gents and Gentle Ladies, I have been inactive for several years but want to get to shootin’ again! I was inactive for health problems, includin’ 8 knee surgeries and 8 back procedures. I am now 72, but in much better health. Part of the problems was stage writin’! Even then they would want me to lay down in a casket, or lay on the floor. The writers made some concessions like allowin’ me to start in a chair. However, some folks thought I wasn’t treatin’ them right, and bitchin’, so I dropped out. I still can’t lay down, but I am doing much better! Is there any hope for me? Thanks for this topic!
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