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  1. This is a nice scope and has been treated with a heavy hand.It has ring marks on it but utherwise its a fine scope.It has the Hunter hold over reticle.(I believe thats what they call it)  It would make a fine humting scope.        25.00    8.00 to ship.

    IMG_0002 (23).JPG

  2. All three of these loaders are in excellent condition used very little,


    Mec. 600 Jr.  12 gauge  Ready to start loading     175.00  + shipping


    Mec  600 Jr,  20  gauge  excellent ready to go.    175.00  + shipping


    Lee Breech lock single stage loader . Breech lock quick change system. Strong O frame press. Spent primers go into the trash. Like new.   65.00   + shipping.The 12 has no charge bar.

    IMG_0002 (18).JPG

    IMG_0003 (15).JPG

    IMG_0003 (15).JPG

    IMG_0005 (8).JPG

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