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  1. I did a product test for them (Huntego)about 8 months ago. They work ok on the barrel for smokeless powder but didn’t do anything to a gun shot with BP or BP subs. I ran 4 Cleanshot cartridges through the gun after 25 BP sub 12 ga. rounds were shot and you could not see any change at all. They are not intended to clean the chambers in any manner. They also have a very healthy recoil. For a smokeless powder shooter they might be convenient to Clean the barrels after a match but that is a stiff price to pay for convenience. ($9.50 - $10.75 for a box of 4 ctgs)
  2. My most favorite flowers are in season!!!!!
  3. Yeah, no - did not forget her - but you can see Russia from her porch! (Not!)
  4. 1867 Alaska Purchase: US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia, having paid $7.2 million This made it possible for continental U.S. citizens to learn about exciting new things like oosiks, muktuk (whale blubber), muklucks, giant bears, cariboo, walrus, corrupt politicians, gold rushes, oil pipelines and more. It also brought the “Deadliest Catch” and other series about intrepid people conquering the wild out doors.
  5. Look at Hesco barriers.
  6. OH MY GOODNESS! Those targets are waAaaaay more than 10 yards for rifle!!!!!! But! That was part of the fun. Front sight use if you please - then fall off the horse!
  7. If you show up on Wednesdays - you could have a donut!
  8. When the temps drop - lizards go into hibernation!
  9. You would be asking about the lever gun?
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