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  1. Hope your friend and his wife fully recover. And nice hat. Can't go wrong with a Stetson. Everyone looks better wearing a cowboy hat. Oh, and like your alias.
  2. Oh, yea, got a pittance of my tax money back. Now excuse me, going out to buy a Tesla.
  3. However, congess seems to have a requisite for being unintelligent.
  4. He was just brown nosing all the angry karens in congress.
  5. Yeah, would rather the trainwreck Linsey Lohan host.
  6. The two party system was meant to divide us no matter the consequences. Politians at work. Rome is in ruins and congress is dancing in the ashes.
  7. After my dad passed, my brother wanted to play me and my sister for fools. Sister (executor) and I liquidated the estate as soon as possible. Still took a year but worth it to financially extricate ourselves. Nice couple bought dad's house. When they were moving in, he showed up and demanded they get out of his dad's house. They called my sister about it and threatened to call the police if it happened again. She said please do. Family members will bleed you dry if you let them.
  8. Since they are treating her badly, then maybe write them out of her will.
  9. You point the rifle at the lion and say: "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"
  10. He would have gotten off with a slap upon the wrist, considering the decline of the courts in my fine state. However, I could be in a world of hurt considering the decline of the courts in my fine state. Outside forces you know.
  11. They are so good when sauteed in bacon grease or roasted on the stalk.
  12. Best be careful with the Hail Mary's.
  13. Naw, just told him to get lost. It worked. Scammer for sure, yet polite about it. It was in broad daylight with neighbors out and about. If he had gotten nasty, then no reason to go inside for a defense.
  14. Give time, the grief is still white hot. Just be there.
  15. Maybe your bride can take time off to rest and heal. A very toxic situation can't be good for her right now. She may feel overwhelmed.
  16. Hey, Utah Bob, that about covers it. Had a so called representative from an electric provider that doesn't service my area come into my yard. He was headed to the meter, said I was behind on my bill and my power was about to cut off. I had just paid my bill on time to my legitimate provider.
  17. Cherokee Gun Club in Gainsville is probably closest to them. Love the CAS range. Riverbend in Dawsonville is my favorite for CAS shooting. That is where I started off. Both are beautiful forrested ranges with creeks and the people can not be beat.
  18. If I ever feel the need to discuss Catholicism with them, their heads would explode. Never felt the need to.
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