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  1. They restructured tax policies that make it attractive for business.
  2. Click the 3 dots next your name. It will give you a drop down box with an option to edit.
  3. Being in the hospital is no fun. Yet, you experienced a bit of grace. Stunning sunrise.
  4. They say they want to go green. Yet the foriegn oil countries do not have any where near the environmental regulations we do. We need more jobs, not less. This green new deal will impoverish many here.
  5. Maybe find a national venue since we all have skin in the game there. Good writing, consice and factual.
  6. You have serious hooker bonafides if you slept with the mayor of SF to get to the top.
  7. Oh, yes. Dumb idea does not work, so let's sink more money into it. See Pat's earlier post.
  8. The complete idiocy of politicians across the country that want to reduce law enforcement budgets in favor of social projects that are known for failure is mind boggling. You want anarchy, this is how you get anarchy. The United States of America was founded on the rule of law. Violent criminals have run amok in this country for months. Have not seen much outrage from our so called leaders until the Capitol protests. Too close to home for the cocktail quaffing, tennis anyone self aggrandizing elitist snobs in congress.
  9. I still can't understand ingesting poison. And the list from Hashknife was amazing. Sulfuric acid? Did these addicts sleep through chemistry class?
  10. Wow. A shame your family has to put up with such.
  11. There are liars, dam liars, then there are politians.
  12. The moral to this story: When life gives you limes, make a key lime pie.
  13. Let's start a pool. How long till gas prices double? Increased gas prices will raise prices across the board for all goods and services. Those pesky business models, you know. He may defend the Constitution except for the 2A.
  14. Never had a post chopped on FB. Had a couple chopped here, no explanation provided.
  15. Can't imagine what is driving that.
  16. Oh, please. I'm Irish, Cajun and Roman Catholic. Lots of ethnic jokes there. Always laughed at the good ones.
  17. Kid, Seems a bit big for a carry weapon.
  18. Oh yes. The courts are the problem. And why was license suspended? Surely not not for driving under the influence of drugs.
  19. A tow truck costs tens of thousands of dollars. How could that possibly be a misdemeanor?
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