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  1. That was a pretty rough looking 18 year old. She looked twice that age.
  2. Cute name for a cute puppy. He will live up to his namesake since dogs love cheese.
  3. On soft white bread. With a glass of ice cold milk.
  4. In my area, drivers of Mercedes are some of the worst on the roads. And inconsiderate. Drivers of Teslas are some of the best on the roads.
  5. Doesn't know s*** from shinola. Not the sharpest happy meal in the drawer. Oh, wait.
  6. We adopted a shelter kitty 16 years ago. Very shy at first, then soon decided she liked her new home. Still kicking.
  7. Agree. Some teachers are good to go. Some, not so much. Had some dental work done back in grade school and missed a day. Mom even sent a note in. Next day, Mrs. Teacher handed out bubble gum. Fine. Except when I told her ( politely ) the dentist said I couldn't have it she went into witch mode. WELL THEN YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY! Entire class seemed embarrassed. Told Mom. Teacher was nice to me after that.
  8. Plenty of pow wow's coming up in GA. Let's see if she shows up for any.
  9. Daylight saving time is like lemmings off a cliff. Dumbassery to the extreme. Socialist wanker wanting control came up with this back in the 1800's. Then adopted here during WW1. Hundred. Years. Ago. So outdated.
  10. Prayers for this young lady and family.
  11. Hope you recover soon from the surgery and chair debacle.
  12. Must be fauxahontas. My dog has a better chance of being elected.
  13. Good for you! Still sending knee mail. Love that smile. And the hat.
  14. Absolutely, cats are evil. Mine put me the hospital a few years back from a bite. Mean little thing.
  15. Sorry, must have been me taking my doggo for a walk. 35 here in Ga and getting colder. Will be 25 by morning.
  16. Hope this works out in your favor. Please keep us updated Miss Kris.
  17. And the Honda dealer seems complicent since they did the work, how else would they have the original parts? Just see a lawyer and tell these ne'er do wells that they talk too much.
  18. This sounds sketchy on the dealership's part. They knowingly (probably) sold a bad product and are suggesting you buy again from them? Look at your contract and talk to a lawyer. Sometimes all it takes is well written correspondence from an attorney to the dealership to get results.
  19. Ha! Sounds like my chitlins when they were young. They never got away with it tho.
  20. Merry Christmas everyone! And Blackwater, Badger would never do such. Right Badger, you would never do such?
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