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  1. They do not look good. Would not eat. I wouldn't feed those to my dog.
  2. In Detriot it would be on cinder blocks and stripped clean.
  3. There was a Twilight Zone episode where a gremlin was tearing apart an airplane in flight. Starred William Schattner.
  4. Been getting emails from my pcp. They got a shipment of vaccines, but only enough for frontline medical professionals. I'm good with that.
  5. It's ok Badger, the feud good natured. Unless bless your heart is said.
  6. You live in Australia where critters want to make lunch out of you. Must have some wisdom.
  7. Don't give them another chance. After all that, I would be concerned about the quality of the work.
  8. Deacon, could've done with out that visual. Say a hundred Hail Mary's and Our Fathers, at least.
  9. Sounds like you are more interested in being a saloon girl. Different from a soiled dove.
  10. Good to see you back in the Saloon. Glad to hear you are well, and prayers for Texas.
  11. Homemade mayhaw jelly, from freshly picked mayhaw berries. Freshly harvested alligator fried to perfection. Regional, can't be bought in a store.
  12. There is an opportunity here. Gorilla glue salon. Instead of snacks, they could serve tidepods.
  13. Don't we all. Love that clawfoot piano stool.
  14. How can those bird cuisinarts be good for the environment? Not to mention, people are forced to run generators and wood burning fireplaces to keep from freezing. Guessing payola at play to hire some idiot savants to design this system. Technology is a good thing. But, hey, let's party like it is 1899.
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