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  1. Had mine done in February. Coming along well. Do what they tell ya. Don't rush it. Mine still hurts some after working it. You get to a point where you think you can.....DON'T....you'll feel it later.

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  2. 9 hours ago, Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L said:

    Been watching all the usual suspects gun sites and haven't found anything that tripped my trigger. Today the wife says we're gonna go thrift store shopping and one of her favorite places is a locally owned pawn shop. Yep, there was a like new actually I don't think it was ever fired Pedersoli Sharps, 45-70, 34" octagon barrel, nice Schnabel forend for a very reasonable price. It followed me home. Now I could use some tips on loads, I'd like to use black powder. The fun begins.

    Hey Bob....have a couple books will bring tonight for you!!!!!!!!!!

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