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  1. I'll take them both. Let me know where to send funds...….Diego
  2. Kid Rich....Jack First used to be a full gun shop with lots of firearms for sale and complete gunsmithing services. For those that new the old Jack First shop, they are down to only parts.
  3. I'm in Sturgis. The weather is nice this week.....warm for this time of year. Should hit 40 today. First Stop Guns just a block from Prairie Edge. Go to Rushmore and Crazy Horse if you can. Ellsworth does have a museum. I think it's free. Custer State Park. You might get an up close look at some Buffalos. More breweries are opening up around town. Firehouse Brewery on Main also. You should be able to fill your time. Jack First if you need parts, nothing else to see there. Not a gun shop anymore.....PARTS only. Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diego
  4. Shoot my pair of SASS Colts........installed lighter hammer and trigger springs.......otherwise......don't need no parts.....
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