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  1. I would hope that those who make the decisions in SASS would look into the finals of EOT and into Bud's idea. I do not want to take away from Savage Sam's championship. He won it under the current rules that have been used for years and is the champion. I do believe that any contest should evaluate the results and see if the rules are turning out the outcome they are trying to achieve such as the fastest, most consistent etc....When you look at the total times of the no. 2 and 4 shooter overall and the no. of stages won by these shooters, I do see a situation that needs attention and Bud's proposal should be looked at.
  2. Hello Spencer-Would like to talk to you about ordering a rifle. Would you mind if I called you sometime. Send a pm with no. if alright to gkirkham@sjcms.net. I am ordering a new rifle for SASS Kicker. Kirk James, Greg

  3. Hello Gateway-The kid and myself enjoyed shooting with you at EOT? Would like to talk to you sometime on the phone. Could you send phone no. to my email at gkirkham@sjcms.net. Thanks Greg

  4. Hello Spencer-Great job on Sons of Guns. It is great to see you getting recognition. I have a friend that just acquired a Colt 1911 that maybe rare. I would like to send you some pictures. It has some slight rust issues and neither of us know how to deal with them. I misplaced your business card at Winter Range. Kirk

  5. Sounds like you have been shooting great. Got the kids and I enrolled in Bordertown. Where is the best place to stay? Kirk

  6. Hello Colt-Are you interested in the Schofield? Kirk

  7. Hello-My name is Greg Kirkham alias Kirk James. Johnny Meadows referred me to you. My son Cody is being coached by Johnny and I am trying to get outfitted. I have an unfired colt SAA with a 44-40 and 44 special cylinder from colt. It has all paperwork in a tattered box. It is serial no. SA 33170. Also have a Smith Schofiel also unfired. Could you help with values. Thanks Greg

  8. Pecos -Thanks for all the instruction. Great day, learned alot. Just need alot of practice. Greg

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