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  1. I am going to go with Constable Nelson with this, but I would like a shotgun boogie short stroke kit, palo verde leather wrap, slick's marble sight in 38-55. I may go with my 94 Wincherster.
  2. Thanks for trying Buffalo Red. Not sure why it turned off. Must be my skills at the computer. Hope I have corrected it. Sounds like a nice rifle.
  3. Live in AZ. Would like to know if the rifle is factory tuned with or without a short stroke kit.
  4. The scores are in and Ledfinger shot one heck of a match. Congratulations!!!
  5. Big and close is like a drag race. How fast can you go without crashing. I don't understand how shooters do not think it is a challenge. It is just a different kind of challenge. Every discipline has an edge whether big and close or further away. If you are not challenged, try and move up on the leader board. I do not think most shooters know what it takes to be in the top 10 percent at a state, national or world event. It is hard work, dedication to the discipline, and a winning attitude just like in any other sport. Lanny Basham writes that 5 percent of the shooters win 95 percent of
  6. I've been shooting with Johnny Meadows for many years. He writes incredible stages and understands what shooters want!!
  7. Have fun and shoot. In AZ, there are many clubs. Some shoot further than others. Gateway is right on. Start with a challenge and improve it, but most important enjoy it. I've been shooting SASS since 2011 and still love it. It is a challenging sport or fun for someone to shoot the old guns and shoot clean. Two months ago I forgot to bring enough score cards. One of our shooters shot his first clean match in several years. I could tell he was down. I went home and copied the results on an official score card and presented it to him the next match. I could tell it meant something to
  8. People will not join a game they do not know exists. Passion overcomes budget. Had to get a loan to get the three of us in the game. Have never looked back. Did not know SASS existed until my brother asked if I wanted to come watch. First thing I knew my 10 year old had someone else rifle in his hands. Had more than one offer to let us shoot their firearms. Shared firearms for a while. I do think the game needs to have more exposure. Like Creekers idea of brainstorming. Would love to try Western 3 Gun. Cody tried it in California and loved it. Would not want to replace what we do
  9. Need a good gunsmith to short stroke my Ruger Bearcats, Henry 22 and open up my Rossi 410. I am in!!!! Just kidding. However there could be a 22 category if that is what it takes to grow the sport. But you have to get rid of 10 old categories from the past.
  10. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

    1. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      I haven't grabbed it cause I am pretty sure this is a 3rd gen.  Cannot tell for sure.

  11. Can you call me at 928-202-0044?  I had trouble finding the length of the pull the way you measured it.  

  12. SASS Kicker and Cody Women's Overall Winter Range in 2016
  13. This is outstanding. The history of what we are so excited about. Wish my family could have meet China Camp.. Remarkable video. Didn't see pictures of to many young shooters. Hope more people contribute. Thanks to those who are sharing.
  14. Our competition rifles are by Palo Verde Gunworks. When you go to someone like Rich, he is fine tuning that rifle for world class shooters. He stands by his work and is completing the work himself. He puts in both 4th and 5th generation actions. You do need to shoot other rifles and feel the difference. Often it is the personal touch that makes a difference. I highly recommend you shoot various rifles before you spend the money.
  15. While I am in favor of total time, I want to congratulate all the champions of rank point matches. I believe rank pt matches are very strategic in knowing how to shoot them and can understand their challenge. Just to help those that are having a tough time understanding the problem shooters have with rank points, I want to share the difference between two stages and times at EOT. On stage 7 a score of 21.18 had 199 rank pts. On the same stage a 5+/- second faster score of 16.17 had 36 rank points. In the 5 second difference there were 163 shooters who shot between the 5 second difference
  16. Congratulations and continued success. Thank you for everything you do from the whole family. See you at Winter Range!!
  17. SASS is an incredible organization. We have been fortunate to have met so many great friends through SASS. Thank you for your responses. Allie Mo, we would enjoy with you some day.
  18. Thank you for the recognition of the champions at EOT in the January Chronicle. As a proud father this was nice to see. It also was very informative to learn more about Missouri Lefty. The chronicle also was informative of the other champions at state, regional, divisional and national champions. Thank you for your hard work and recognition. Always enjoy see how other shooters are competing across the world.
  19. Congratulations-What a beautiful firearm. Glad it worked out.
  20. Great rifle-However, some of the rifle barrels did however have a problem when they shipped them off to be engraved. I had to send two out of four I purchased back to Marlin due to corrosion inside the barrel. They did take care of me and I was impressed with their service. One of the shops in Prescott AZ also had the same problem. Several of my friends also purchased that model and did not have a problem. They are incredible firearms and I now wish they had just replaced the barrels.
  21. I always thought it was, "the older I get the better I was."
  22. Case gauge all ammo and use new brass for a big match. We use a funnel to listen for powder in every case. Check every primer to see if it is properly seated. Inspect each case for problems.
  23. I remember with Quigley Down Under came out and the waiting list for a C or Shiloh Sharps went to a 5 years. Shortly after that the prices started rising. One nice thing about it was you could put down a deposit and get the price locked in with a C Sharps and they would notify you of a price increase. C Sharps make it so you had the opportunity to pay it off in case of an increase. I seem to remember the price increased a bit before I received the rifle and it was a great investment. My wife let me know it is only an investment if you a willing to sell.
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