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  1. . Had my shoulder replaced around the same time as JM. Take care of yourself and follow your doctors orders. Great kids you have there.
  2. Everyone seems to agree situation 1 is a miss. I appreciate the responses. In situation 2 it would be best if the TO did not say "load one" if the jacked out round came before the 10th shot and shooter shot everything else correctly prior to the 10th shot since they would just have a miss rather than a procedural. Is this correct?
  3. Kirk James

    Why reload?

    Directions: With the rifle-Shoot 1-3-1 and then repeat from the same direction. Example 1 Shooter shoots 1-3-1 correctly on the correct targets, then repeats the same sequence correctly hitting the first target with one shoot, hits the second target with two shots and jacks out the third round, then hits the third target with the last shot. WTC? Example 2 Same directions. Shooter shoots the 1-3-1 correctly on the correct targets, then repeats the same sequence hitting the first target correctly, then hits the second target with 2 rounds correctly but jacks out the third round, then hits the last target. Shooter then reloads and hits the second target or the third target. WTC?
  4. PS. I never keep practice ammo in our carts during big matches!!!!!!!
  5. Good to hear from you CG. Hope everyone is doing well. We start with new Starline brass and reload it 5 times; two in the rifle and three in the pistol. It then goes in a bucket for monthly matches until it starts to split. All other brass goes in a practice bucket. We have not experienced primers backing out in big matches, accept one where one of the kids grabbed a practice box for a top ten shoot and a pistol locked. It does happen occasionally in practice. We have used Clays powder for almost eight of the nine years we have been shooting, cold or hot temperatures. I am sure other shooters have experienced success with other brands of brass and powder. This is just our method. See you at Winter Range.
  6. Is it Sasskicker or SASS Kicker. She has been away so long I had forgot. Until she kicked my SASS last month.
  7. Incredible work Colt. That is an amazing rig. Congratulations on your holster business. I am seeing them around and they have all the bells and whistles and are extremely thought out. I had no idea you were back in business. SASS Kicker is still shooting one of your rigs from 9 years ago. Fantastic......
  8. Kirk James


    We will know how to call it in the future. Wish you were all there when it happened. We would still be there. LOL Thanks everyone and good night!!!
  9. Brian Enos has a great forum where topics like this is discussed. Excellent.Forums - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!.html You will really enjoy it.
  10. Kirk James


    This is what I an getting out of this: when the shooter shot and missed the 5th round he had a miss, then shot the 6th round and had a hit, then shot the 7th round at the plate rack causing a procedural due to the engagement of the wrong target. He then alternated the three targets and the procedural did not allow him to miss the 10th target. (Procedural cannot cause a miss due to double jeopardy). Then made up the miss with the shotgun. Wouldn't that be a procedural with no misses?
  11. Kirk James


    It might be that the plate rack targets are not always set the same as what it takes to knock them down. This will get us another two pages. LOL I have shot many matches where the the plate rack or knockdown misses shot with a rifle or pistol can be made up with the shotgun on a separate target. Some even make you carry the shotgun with you so you can make up misses with your pistol or rifle if you do not knock them down at the next position. I have learned to enjoy matches with these options. Again, the stage was written so everyone but one shooter shot it correctly. There were no questions I can remember after the stage was read from our squad. The discussion with the posse after the stage was: can a procedural cause a miss and was it an advantage to shoot the shotgun for the missed target as directed by the TO. There was as many opinions, well not as many as the responses on this post, so we gave the benefit of the doubt to the shooter.
  12. Kirk James


    This was an excellent stage that everyone enjoyed and understood. One shooter earned a P. Every time someone gets a P does not make a bad stage, bad TO or bad shooter. Trust me, I have had enough P's, just not this time. Simply shoot the 6 plates on the plate rack and alternate on the two stationary targets for four targets. . Doesn't get much easier. It even gave the opportunity to make up a plate left standing by using your shotgun on the bell after the ten shots. My purpose of posting was to make sure I knew the correct penalties. As noted by 3 pages of discussion, the penalty to be assessed was confusing to some of us. I appreciate everyone 's input and your keeping up with our madness Pale Wolfe. Your a patient man!!! Thanks
  13. Kirk James


    Is the call a procedural with no miss on the original post? No other instructions were given and all the other shooters on the posse shot it correctly. Appreciate King Snake for posting the stage.
  14. This happens to me often. I went of the Brian Enos website and Brian responded with two ways that have helped me. If it is an unwanted thought, say to yourself, "what am I going to think of next". Took me a little while to get use to this but it helps me. The second is a visualization technique. Picture a Roman Numeral I over a Roman Numeral I, then a I over a II, a I over a III and so on... until thoughts go away and you are relaxed. You can also use numbers. Quickly Downunder has a great test you can do before you shoot to see if you are calm. By the way he likes to stripper fish on big bodies of water. You can talk to him about it. If your still not ready, ask to go to the unloading table and ask for permission to unload. Start your process over ( Zen Golf). Good luck. Some of us have busier minds than others .
  15. Kirk James


    Directions: from position 1, with the rifle engage the 6 cowboys on the (plate) rack, then alternate on the two buffalo's for 4 rounds (buffalo are stationary targets). Shooter hits the first four plates, misses the fifth, hits the fifth and sixth then alternates for 3 rounds. Misses on the plate rack can be made up on a shotgun target which the shooter does. Everything else is shot correctly. WTC
  16. Shoot Boogie Ruger's and do not worry which side the revolvers go in. Any differences are taken care of by the buzzer.
  17. I use a Dillon 650 with a Dillon powder check and also load 3.0 grains of Clays. Purchased the extra small shell bar and set the alarm right in the middle of the V. I am confident I have loaded several hundred thousand loads using this system I check the alarm every throw to see where is at in V. Using new brass for every big match has been great with not much movement in the V; light loads will show and are very occasional. However, using old brass for monthly and practice, I have a few more problems and check the the high and low loads in the V more often, I load much faster for monthlies and practice and find most high loads have media which adds to the weight or black powder residue if I purchased used brass at big shoots. I use Dillon dies. Very satisfied with the system.
  18. Maybe the carrier since it also has been modified. However, it does throw brass forward.
  19. I have experience this with several bolts and extractors. Same rifle used to throw it back and now throws it forward (lose about 60 percent). Rifle has always run great so I don't worry about it and shoot cheap brass at monthly matches I cannot retrieve it.
  20. Did not start till 2011. FJT says it all. It is the people that make CAS so remarkable. Raised two children with their help.
  21. Kirk James


    Someone could be assigned to sit the dad down and explain the problem. The young junior shooter could also be involved. Most of the time that will be all that is needed. This doesn't involve mine by the way. They are no longer juniors .
  22. Not all RNFP are shaped the same. Bear Creek has a 125 RNFP pictured above that feed reliably in all six of our 73s. Other 125s are more flat on the nose and keep their diameter longer. Bear Creek has a flat point diameter of .207 and overall length of .549 where another brand had a flat pt of .269 and length of .517. We currently shoot Cimarron 105 TCFP and BearCreek 125s for knockdowns. Shoot what works best in your rifle. It only has to feed reliably and go ding. It is the ding part I am struggling with. I know, use your sights!!!!!
  23. SASS Kicker and Cody Women's Overall Winter Range in 2016
  24. This is outstanding. The history of what we are so excited about. Wish my family could have meet China Camp.. Remarkable video. Didn't see pictures of to many young shooters. Hope more people contribute. Thanks to those who are sharing.
  25. Our competition rifles are by Palo Verde Gunworks. When you go to someone like Rich, he is fine tuning that rifle for world class shooters. He stands by his work and is completing the work himself. He puts in both 4th and 5th generation actions. You do need to shoot other rifles and feel the difference. Often it is the personal touch that makes a difference. I highly recommend you shoot various rifles before you spend the money.
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