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  1. How do you view monthly matches? Do you shoot them for practice or is it more for the competition or both?
  2. 73 Uberti or Winchester in .357 or .45. It gives you a lot of options down the road w/o having to sell it.
  3. After 4 or 5 months in CAS Cody, aka Cody James, and I signed up for EOT. My wife, Jackie and daughter Jessica came along to watch. Cody and I felt so welcome by everyone. We could not believe we could shoot on a posse with world class shooters and they took care of us. Jessica, who had only shot a 22/410 combo once in her life joined and shoots by the name SASS Kicker. My family has been taken care of ever since. Whether a world class shooter or someone who just likes the old west, SASS has something for everyone. Big and close or further and smaller; SASS is a blast. You can find a club somewhere or just about any weekend in AZ and they are all a little different . That happened in 2011 and we are still having fun although college is getting in the way somewhat. Fun is being around the family SASS creates.
  4. Look forward to seeing you at the range. My kids grew up around CAS. Best investment I've ever made. Incredible individuals.
  5. Congrats Bonnie. As soon as I saw the post I knew it was you. Keep it going.
  6. Congrats Missouri Lefty-What an impressive stage!!!!
  7. If split pistols are the last firearm to be fired: Shooter A holsters his first pistol on half cock after shooting 5 rounds, moves and shoots his 2nd pistol. He realizes his first pistol is on half cock, draws it and dry fires it to remove the error before going to the unloading table. Shooter B sets his 1st pistol on the table on half cock, draws his 2nd pistol, shoots and holsters it and comes back to his 1st pistol, picks it up and dry fires it to remove the error. Shooter C holsters his first pistol after shooting it, does not take his hand off it, pulls it back out and dry fires it before going to the second pistol. Shooter D sets his pistol down on half cock, takes his hand off the pistol, sees it is on half cock, picks it up and dry fires it before going to the 2nd pistol. Which shooters receive a stage dq or other penalties?
  8. We started with firearms that could be worked over to be competitive at a later date. Chicken George is going through the process with his family. It is costly to recover from most mistakes. He is doing his homework and talking with shooters. Hells Comin has given my family advice for a long time and keep us from making costly mistakes. I would start with 38s and 12 gauges for most kids. You can start with 22s but most kids grow out of them fast. Depends on the child. I have seen too many shooters that start out saying they are not interested in being competitive and get the bug. Once you have shot a slicked up action, it is hard to stay with factory.
  9. CG-Try sending to gkirkham@iccs-k8.org. Look forward to hearing from you. Kirk
  10. Cody has a pair of grips we had checkered by a lazor engraver at WR. However, they cracked a good size chip off when shipped back after some work from Ruger. We had them checkered after a good rain at WR a few years back. We are looking for one grip to replace the chipped grip: synthetic ivory with the Ruger emblem. This year he shot the match with stock wood grips from Ruger. Says he liked the checked grip better when wet. I changed to a slightly different design grip last year because I felt they helped me better grip them the same way each time. Thats whats nice about CAS; everyone is willing to let you try their firearms. Good luck. Sure was fun watching the family at EOT.
  11. Does anyone modify their loading gate and how?
  12. I would say no difference in the length of the stroke. Because Lassiters hammers are cut and welded, it is hard to be exact. I would shoot either firearm.
  13. Judge-I've been taking notes from them for years. They just tell me to shoot faster and move my a__.
  14. We shoot 3 sets of Shotgun Boogie and 2 sets of Lassiter. Both do excellent work.
  15. Got mine from Brownells part no. 780-012-101.
  16. Just tried using the second beep and auto start first beep. Tried dry firing while waiting for the first beep, then hitting the reload after the first beep. Set the second beep at 3 seconds. More like 3 second reload if everything goes right. Will take time to get use to.
  17. After eight years of shooting, I still train wrecks and I do practice some. While shooting with SASS Kicker, I would often hear her say, "nice 10 second reload dad." After a bad reload at EOT this year I could still hear her voice. In a match two weeks ago I had to reload and tried to go through the gate. I opened the lever out of habit, then closed it to load. Hard to break bad habits. I would beat it came in around 5 seconds. I would put beats on you Hells Comin for a reload contest. Cody James isn't bad himself. I have struggled and going to make the move to the gate. In dry fire practice, about four of them, I am hitting around 2 1/2 seconds and realize this will improve. Just have to get the muscle memory down so I can do it during a match.
  18. 73 shooters: do you load over the top or through the gate and why. Tell us your story.
  19. Worth the money. God made man, Colt made him equal and Boogie made him competitive.
  20. I haven't stabbed anyone lately, or put a quarter to get my horse rockin, or shot out of a chair but I am having a blast shooting with my family and friends, meeting new people from all over the world and shooting my six shooters. It is all good now and I am sure it was good back then. Go SASS!!!!! It is time to go shooting!!!!!!!
  21. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. There is a difference in price between a 75 action and a 74 action. Last I checked there wasn't much difference between the C Sharps 74 and the Shiloh 74. I have owned both and the quality of both is spectacular. Cannot go wrong. Go to the shoots or check the scores of the 1000 yard matches to see what the top shooters use if that is you priority. Have fun.
  22. Once a firearm is released and at rest, it would take a force to move it. This could be caused by a bump, either the TO or shooter, or by gravity, such as due to prop failure. This is the area of struggle. Both would come under the area of slip and fall. It seems to me the TO would need to make the call; and if the shooter disagrees it would go to the Match Director. If it was a prop failure then there would be grounds for a re-shoot with out penalty. I guess this is where the 170 comes into play.
  23. Once again, I am lost on this issue. If it is a prop failure, why would the shooter receive a penalty and not get a re-shoot? Happened at Bordertown where a rifle was sit down and came to a rest. It slipped off the prop with no interference and it was determined the prop was not stable. The shooter asked for a re-shoot which was taken to the match director who oked the re-shoot, and the prop was better stabilized. No penalty was carried forward.
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