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  1. Buy a 12 and keep your 20 until you've made your decision based on experience. Cannot go wrong with keeping a shotgun your kid loves shooting. At this stage he is going to shoot well with what he likes. Plenty of shooters shot 20, yet I agree with many of the comments on why many go to a 12. Have fun and enjoy your time with your son.
  2. SASS has done so much for my life and of the kids. I have taken a break and will shoot in a match SAT. and SUN. SASS is L a passion for many shooters. I do not see and huge exite. I have always felt SASS has taken care of me. Discounts, Scholarships and a damn good many rolemodels. Lets keep it rolling. It si a great organizaion willing to work hundreds of hours for youf shooting please. Support SASS
  3. Many shooters are raising there front sight to compensate for the lower pt of aim. Try placing the front sight with 1/2 above the rear sight. Place the tip of the front sight in the bottom 1/3 of the height of the target. You should be hitting close to the center. See if this helps. Ray Heartless and Slick McClade sell wrap around front sights to aid in acquiring the front sight. Hope this helps.
  4. Go to Joe Perkins website classic single action. Has one piece pre-ban ivory. Excellent work!!!!
  5. Just made a purchase from him in the last couple weeks. Great gunsmith!!!!!
  6. Like Doc said, the 38 ammo is less expensive. I can shoot my brothers 45 Vaqueros and there is not a lot of difference in recoil. Both are very smooth and easy to keep your sights on the targets. If you like a heavy load in your 38's, just put a 158 grain with more power. Good luck on your decision and hope to see you on the range.
  7. I would go 20-22 inches. The reason most shooters shorten them is ease in moving in and out of props.
  8. Congratulations and our best to you on a successful career and marriage!!!!! What a journey to get there. A special thanks to the SASS Scholarship Committee for helping her!
  9. We send our prayers your way!!!
  10. Cowboy Action Shooting is about what you want to make it. There is no right or wrong. Most of the time you really won't know what the other shooters are shooting unless you ask or pick up brass. There are extremely fast 45 shooters out there but the majority of them shoot 38 caliber. Like Widder said, it really is all about practice. If you want to go fast ask the fast shooters what they use and buy firearms, holsters accordingly. If you are more interested in the era, there are plenty of shooters that study that also. The no. 2 shooter in the Winter Range Nationals shots 38 special, black powder. My advice is to shoot other shooters firearms and talk to them concerning any modifications they have made and why they picked what they did. Most fast shooters have something done to each firearm. Nothing wrong with shooting firearms without modifications either. You can look around the SASS website under EOT champions and see what some of them shoot. There is a great deal of information concerning firearms, loads, holsters etc on the wire. If you like the feel of shooting the 45 caliber, then shoot them. Practice, watch videos, attend clinics and get whatever advice you can get. Doc Shapiro, Long Hunter, and Evil Roy just to name a few have readily available videos that explain many things. Have fun most of all!!!!
  11. Our prayers are with you!!! Speedy recovery!!!!
  12. The five year wait from both plants was due the Quickly Down Under movie. Everybody, or almost everybody, had to have one. Tom Selleck shot a Shiloh Sharps in the movie. Most remember what happened to the Smith and Wesson Model 29 popularity after the Dirty Harry.
  13. We have shoot RNFP bullets for years. I am sure over 70,000 rounds out of each rifle. No problems. We have shot TC for the last six years.
  14. Shiloh Sharps and C Sharps are both built in Big Timber, Montana. Both build excellent rifles. Some later Farmington rifles used Badger barrels. I have several C Sharps with Badger barrels. Excellent shooters. I sold my Shiloh Sharps years ago. There was a break up between Wolfgang Droege, former owner of Shiloh Sharps and John Schoffstall, current president of C Sharps. My understanding is the Bryant brothers bought Shiloh from Wolfgang and the company is currently for sale. Another difference is that Shiloh builds their own barrels. There is a Shiloh forum with a discussion of the Farmington rifles including dates with serial no.s. I had the opportunity to shoot a Farmington Business Rifle years ago which is the reason I ordered rifles from both companies at the NRA Gun Show in Phoenix. What a treat. This was the era of the 5 year wait. I took 5 years from both companies before I received mine. Had time to save enough money to purchase them.
  15. Take your bent punch and cut off everything but 3/8 inch and use it as a starter punch. Really recommend the bolt bench box King Snake is recommending.
  16. Happy Easter everyone and God Bless America!!!! We will come back.
  17. Started with Palo Verde's empty shells for five or six years. For me the shuck is the hardest to master. Went from a 2 handed shuck to a one handed shuck. It took a year just to get the hang of it. Still along ways from the one second a shell mark. As long as the shotgun and shells from my belt meet at the same time I feel like I am doing ok. Last year I added shells with shot just to practice the load. Now I mix them up in my belt. Sometimes I will turn off the lights in our closet and I practice using eight shells. I flip on the lights, reload my belt, flip off the lights and go again. This has helped with consistency on my load; less mistakes. It is also important to practice live fire and using your sights. Just don't do it in your closet!!!
  18. Before and after: Please do not limit to shooting; it could be pictures of your cart, firearms, costuming etc.... I will start off. Cody James in 2012 and 2019. Cody_James_Favorite_Eot_2012.mp4 13.24_WR_2019_Cody.m4v
  19. Congrats ZAC and SASSY Dancer. We appreciate the both of you.
  20. Purpose of the suggestion would be to attract shooters from other disciplines, not to change what we do. There is nothing more thrilling than to watch a Top 16 match. As a spectator you can see the excitement in these incredible shooters. With the right TV program we might increase exposure to a different type of shooter than perceived. I do not feel most shooters from other disciplines realize how exciting and hard this is to be competitive in Cowboy Action Shooting . My two kids got involved due to the excitement of watching fast shooters. Their heroes who inspired them early on are: Badlands Bud, Lead Dispencer, Rattlesnake Wrangler and Holly Terror. A championship match which is focused on the shooting may help get the word out. When I read the post it invited some brainstorming. If you go down the same path, you get to the same place.
  21. In AZ alone: If we get rid of Hells Comin, Robyn Devault, SASSY Dancer, Champ, Reverend Ledslinger, Cody James. Blue Ridge Ranger, Amber Meadows, Ledfinger, Blackjack Zac, Arizona Redneck, Slick Derringer, Shamrock Sadie,Bret Cantrell, and a few others that I forgot to mention; and we put them in the Championship bracket, I maybe able to win if I was in the other bracket. If I forget your name forgive me. No disrespect!!! I am beginning to change my mind concerning the issue. If you move to AZ and you kick my b___, you need to move up also. Just kidding. Wouldn't it be interesting to have a championship match, televised where they could shoot off for a new engraved Ruger or Winchester 73. Realize the cost of participant and running the match would tough, but it sure would be fun to watch. Appreciate the post. We should be able to brainstorm without my sarcasm.
  22. SASS has been offering championship level shooting since I have been involved (9 years). The champions always sort themselves out. Because targets are larger, smaller, closer or further away does not take away from the champion other than they may look elsewhere for their entertainment. It is finding the right distance, size of targets. amount of movement, amount of muzzle movement, positioning of the targets ect... that makes a match more interesting or fun for our shooters. The key is finding that zone. If everyone gives their feedback concerning their experience it will assist in setting up a match. Not being critical of your post, but just offering my opinion.
  23. Check with Ace of Hearts in Nevada. They once had a large side to side target which looked like it was on a garage door drive. It had a lever to operate it and was easy to reset. Very similar to their back to front turkey vulture shown above. If I remember right we shot it with our pistols. What a blast.
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